In the extra-sized issue #24, the final battle is here!

But who will be the victor?

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Price: $4.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I love Blue Beetle’s gun pointed at Max’s head.  As I said last time. This could be the worst ending ever and I would still recommend anyone to pick it up because the journey is so good. That being said, I believe this will cap the series nicely. Sometimes a giant sized issue can do things three single issues can not.

  2. Man this series makes it so hard to trade wait …

  3. I can’t freakin wait!!!!!

  4. same as BD..the double issue will screw up my budget, but i’m ready for the ending to this fun story

  5. @wallythegreenmonster  I have been trade waiting for issues 12-24, but I guess I’ll just bite and get this.

  6. #23 was one the weaker links, but it was clearly designed to just set up this final issue. I have high hopes Winnick can bring it home.

  7. I love this book, but after the last couple of issues, I think it’s either going to end with a fizzle or a loose cliffhanger leading into a new JLI book/JLI taking over the JLA title. Nothing against more JLI in the future, I just think this story needs to be able to stand on its own.

  8. Calling it now.  Pick of the Week.    or I am grabbing my pitchfork.

  9. @xiseerht……I’ll bring the torches!!

  10. Can’t wait to read it and see Max get his! Though sad to see it go too!

  11. @Slockhart – I agree that last issue didn’t really deliver, but the series has been so good up til now that I’ll hold on til the end. I have a feelink that Winick can pull out a win.

  12. Good ending. It’s pretty appropriate. The only disappointment I have is that the “double size” comes from a reprint of previous covers. I’ve been buying these digitally so I’ve seen these all. Kinda feeling ripped off.

  13. Great issue. I thought it capped the series well while leading into the new series(WOOOOOOOOOOOO!) But I think the super heroes of the world would be able to come up with a rebuttle to Max’s internet video.

  14. Where is it………..I cant find it…………..there it is………………MY PITCHFORK.   I am coming for you RON!!!!

  15. Great, great stuff.

  16. How unsatisfying. 

  17. Happiness, thy name is new monthly series.  Wallet, get ready.

  18. well i didn’t expect that at all….and i think Winnick kept up a pretty good Poker face. well played. I think it was ok. I guess there were only to ways to end it….Max Biting it or Max escaping. Its been a fun yr of comics with this series. 

    The new monthly series will be interesting. I want to see what the team makeup is. I hope its something new. 


  20. best last page of the year so far

  21. I actually really like that the point of the whole thing is that Max is just a vindictive asshole. Fun, great ending that totally matched the tone of the rest of the book.

  22. @roivampire Totally agree.

  23. I bought all the issues digitally on my iPad and I have to say that it was an adventure!  I loved this series I can’t wait for the return of JLI in issues!

  24. Awesome finisher, many great moments 🙂 Gogo JLI Gogo!

  25. I’ll be curious to see how this is handled.  Are they going to wrap up the JLA title and have JLI replace it?  Will they run both books simultaneously?  I could see things going either way!  I’m really pumped  for the new JLI title, whenever they release it.   

    Otherwise, I dont feel this series went out as strong as it could have, given the  momentum over the past year.    Still a fun read, and I liked it a lot, but it could have had a lot more oomph.

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