In issue #18, the JLI takes on former teammate Power Girl, but will they pull their punches? Meanwhile, Max Lord continues his interrogation and torture of Blue Beetle, and Batman’s investigation leads him to a discovery he would never have predicted!

Written by JUDD WINICK
Variant cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE

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  1. Loving reading this digitally, Wednesday couldn’t come sooner.

  2. This should be a really fun issue.

  3. Yay, Rocket Red get’s his turn on the cover!

  4. This cover reminds me of how much I love this new incarnation of Rocket Red.  A really great character and wonderful addition to the team.

  5. It’s very cool how Power Girl’s title dove-tails into this book so well.

  6. I am not digging that matte red background, but other than that, this cover is wonderful. This series has had consistently great covers, and RR’s also been consistently great.

  7. This book is what I love about super hero comics

  8. @Malecema, ctrosejr and sakuuya

    This is either a variant or a future issue cover. Everything else I’ve seen has pointed to it being a logo cover with Captain Atom.

  9. I’ll be reading this on my ipad late tomorrow night!!

  10. ok so i hope Powergirl is actually in this issue cause she was advertised last time and that didn’t happen. 

  11. @Slockhart: You’re right, apparently. It changed to Atom. I’m heartbroken. This series has made me like Atom a lot more than I ever did before, but that RR cover was adorable. Ah, well. If it is a future cover, they have time to fix the background.

  12. BAH, I say!  Captain Atom has been on enough covers, give Rocket Red one already!

  13. Rocket Red is asset to team!

  14. I agree. Red Rocket is easily my favorite part of the book, and the best character I’ve discovered in the last year. So much though that I went to go buy his first appearance, only to find out it was in this book :

  15. So… who’s actually on this cover? Is it Rocket Red or Captain Atom?

  16. @SteenAR  Captain Atom. Rocket Red is the variant.

  17. Rocket Red is a great member of the team and i love how he’s been handled but he’s a poor man’s Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy!! The two together though??? now, thatd be a marvel/dc crossover worth reading!

  18. Question for people reading this book. I keep hearing about how great it is. How would the story read if I were to go back and read this in trade? I know it factors in with other DCU stuff. But is the general story self-contained enough to be enjoyable on it’s own?

  19. @j206  Oh yeah. It’s pretty much just this team trying to outwit Maxwell Lord and undo the mindwipe he put on everyone else. It would read great in trade

  20. God Bless you Rocket Red, You communist bastard. ,

    @J206 I think that it would be a perfect trade read. It doesn’t really take what is happening in other books into account. Other books mention it here or there but on the whole its on its own.

  21. Some nice art this week, but the story is really spinning its wheels here.  Feels like its needlessly stalling for time.

  22. Back on track.  One question though, when did Ice change costumes?

  23. @j206  –yeah you should be fine. its very self contained almost to the point where i’m wondering why its not having an effect on the rest of the DCU when it should.

    I think Palmiottii/Conner ruined Powergirl for me….all these other versions just don’t feel or look right.

  24. Agree with the spinning wheels sentiment. Love this book, but almost nothing has happened since the first few issues. The characters keep it strong, though, so I’m in for the long hall.

  25. I’m just happy there’s one good Justice League book to read.

  26. @wallythegreenmonster  I liked Palmiotti & Grey’s Powergirl, there was a certain goofiness that I enjoyed, you didn’t see it?

    This issue was excellent. 

  27. @Franktiger i think he ment that none are as good.

  28. Check out the review of this issue on Critic Hammer


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