• Continued from JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #13, it’s the big finale to Jeff Lemire’s first epic story!

• Guest-starring Frankenstein and, from the new series SWORD OF SORCERY, Amethyst!

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Mikel Janin
Cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $4.99
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  1. Daggum! I may have to pick up Sword of Sorcery since Amethyst is in this issue. Is it worth reading? I’m not much of a fantasy reader. I love this book since Lemire took over.

  2. Frankenstein! YAAAY!

  3. I picked this book back up with Jeff Lemire and have loved it. But I am worried that with a co-writter coming aboard in a few months, that he’ll be leaving the book.

    • Is that information solicited? I wasn’t aware a co writer was coming aboard for an issue

    • Yeah, Ray Fawkes is apparently the co-writer for the next arc. Not sure if its like a transition thing where Lemire is leaving and Fawkes is becoming the lead writer, but I really hope that’s not the case. Lemire is doing great things for this title and it would be terrible for him to leave so soon after taking over the book.

    • Ya exactly i agree about hopefully that not being the case

  4. This is exciting! I’ve really enjoyed this series…far more than the JL proper. Definitely up for some guest stars!

  5. I liked it but I still can’t get used to the new Zatana. At least in the old days they’d have to gag her to keep her down, now all that they had to do was bind her hands. And she had an affair with Constantine? That’s just about as bad as Scarlet Witch having an affair with Dr. Doom.

  6. Zatanna has been pretty much useless in JLDark. Her magic seems impotent. Bring back Enchantress!

  7. This was just fantastic!!!!! The art by Janin was breathtaking , I could not stop staring at the pages without my jaw dropping. Lemire do a great job of wrapping the story up with tons of action, and I actually got tricked by the ending with Constantine and Hunter-5/5 that’s how you do a GD annual for $5

  8. This was epic. The way so many big names come together in a perfectly natural way was awesome and the huge concepts for the Dark side of DC just keep getting bigger. The locations are part of DC lore which is great, from the Houses to Nanda Parbat. Each of the characters are unique and stand on their own but then you throw them together and they play off each other brilliantly. You also get the sense that they have their own thing happening elsewhere but this is important enough to get all hands on deck, making the Dark world seem huge and living just off the edge of the page. Throw in a Constantine ending and I had one of the most straight up entertaining times reading this year.
    And that ending – anyone else get the feeling this is going to crash head long into the end of another book’s big finish involving the return of a certain group of characters…

  9. Terrible. I’ve dropped this series even though I’ve read every issue of Hellblazer and have horrible OCD. It was that bad.

    I don’t know what people are talking about “natural.” They threw in these guest characters out of nowhere and they served no greater purpose in the plot.

    Add to that the cheesy Michael Bay movie dialogue “Game faces kids, time to save the world” and the poor art (everyone is doing a Reservoir Dogs swagger except for Black Orchid who’s running yet she’s still side by side with everyone?)

    This is just flat out bad.

  10. Wow, I loved this issue! Great action, great characters, great art! Can’t wait for issue #14 now!

  11. Hmm. This got a bit hammy for my tastes. All and all Lemire’s first story was entertaining but forgettable.

    I preferred the way the book started under Milligan. It was weird and mystical. Now it’s just standard super-hero team fair with all the occult-type characters.

    The next story arc looks interest though and I see there is a co-writer coming on board. That may be for the best, Lemire’s voice hasn’t quite clicked here.

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