Enchantress is out of control and more powerful than ever. She has brought a nation to its knees through her arcane powers. Will Madame Xanadu, John Constantine, Shade the Changing Man, Zatanna, Mindwarp, Deadman and June Moon be able to work together to defeat her?

One thing is certain: One of these heroes will not make it out alive!

Cover by RYAN SOOK

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  1. There’s a few folks I wouldn’t mind dying to make the group a bit more cohesive. Just make sure it’s not Zatanna or Constantine.

  2. I guess Deadman won’t make it out alive. Because he won’t make it IN alive.

    He’s dead already.

  3. Shade the Changing can go!! I will make it one more issue.


  4. This is a really cool concept, but I haven’t read the first four issues I bought yet.

    One of six titles that will be cut at the end of the first arc.

  5. One of the characters on the team is Deadman, I cannot take the promise of somebody dying seriously.

  6. My guess is it will be Mindwarp that dies. Then, one person will be angered by the death of their favorite character and the rage will be felt throughout the internet……but no one else will care. Seriously though, I really like this book and it will be nice to see the team finally assembled.

    • My prediction is based solely on the other figures having an established following:

      June Moon will somehow get sucked back into Enchantress, the team will dish out punches at magic illusions, Deadman will encourage Moon to SOMEHOW cool down Enchantress’ case of witch-crazy, and everyone will emerge victorious as Enchantress comes to with a “what did I do?” expression leaving the reader to expect “uh oh! We can’t trust her! She might go Scarlet Witch on us again!”. The inevitable team-up ensues and reminds us “Wait, didn’t they do with this with the Green Ranger on old school Power Rangers?”.

      Or Mindwarp dies.

      Personally, I could go either way. I’d settle for Xanadu and Constantine slapping the bajeezus out of each other for a trade. I’m enjoying the series, even if it’s not the most energetic and emotionally moving thing I’ve ever read.

      Other predictions?

  7. I probably will be dropping this due to budgetary reasons although it hasn’t made it to my pull list ive bought all the issues so far but it still hasn’t lived up to the potential I’ve expected it to. I’m sure once the team is formed though it will only get better somill probably revisit it later

  8. Wrap it up, Milligan, 6 issue of this undefined, no direction shite is too much

  9. I agree, there are too many characters and nothing going on. It HAS been getting better and there are little moments here and there, but on a whole there is not really a good reason I keep getting this.

    I really really want it to be good though, so… hopefully…

  10. Mindwarp would not be missed.

  11. I just need my Z back could really care less about everyone else in this title, not gonna lie. I have liked the artwork and the first issue had some potnetial and then it just….well… left me feeling bored.
    Before this reboot Z was fine on her own and I can’t see why that can’t be done again.


    • Agree, except for Madame Xanadu, I really loved her solo book and like her too. I really wish the JLD was comprised of just Zatanna (in her old costume) Madame Xanadu, Constantine, and I guess Shade to round it out. I’ve never really dug Deadman I guess he’s ok…

      Anyway, I would just like a smaller more cohesive group instead of getting 2 pages of each character because there are six million of them. Having said that, it’s probably something that will read great in trades. I’ll probably reread the arc when it concludes.

  12. They should have had this book concurrent with I,Vampire.

  13. I been really enjoying this series alot but this has been the best issue so far for me. You finally get to see all of the players together and It’s a blast. A team filled with a bunch magical wackos are alot more interesting to me then a team of mutants and meta humans . The art from Janin went from 10 to 11 in this issue, the detail on the facial expressions to the action scenes are just amazing that they almost look real. I’m a big mark for Milligan ever since his Shade the Changing Man series in the 90’s and to me he just keeps getting better and better-GREAT STUFF 5/5

  14. Finally everything clicked here and it was the best issue so far

    • My thoughts exactly. I finally feel like I get whats happening.

      Doesn’t hurt I love the art either.

    • Agreed. I think this and Demon Knights might finally be starting to be understandable. So far, I’d put both books in the “don’t give this to a new comic reader or somebody without patience and expect them to enjoy it” group.

  15. This issue brought superhero comics to a new level of convoluted nonsense and babel-dialogue but I still kind of liked it

  16. This gets a 2 and I am not even sure if I really can give it that much? I agree with everyone else the artwork is fantastic however; I really just started reading this and then I started to trail off and just finally flipped thru and got to the end. Not at what I thought it was going to be from issue one, now I just do not care what happens in this title.



  17. Agree with Flash923 as usual. I had a big rant type out, but it’s just not for me and I’m sad about it. Oh well.

  18. So which hero did not make it out alive?


  19. It’s the ole’ bring-the-team-together arc where the team barely comes together and then splits up. I admit this series has been frustrating. It’s all rather vague and scattershot and I’d really like to see these characters work together in a more straightforward manner. But I still like it. This stuff is right up my alley and the characters are well written. I remain patient.

    • @stasisbal- I concur-with the way Milligan writes you kinda need to be patient but it always comes together in the end

    • DC has spoiled me. All the books I read are so great every month that I just do not have the patients to keep reading something sub par in the hopes it gets better. I guess that’s a good thing?

      Anyway, I’m NOT hating on the book and I don’t think people are “dumb” that like it, but I think maybe I should just start getting Constantine instead.

  20. Great to see the “team” together after what feels like an eternity. Best issue so far. Looks great and I really enjoyed the intro tying into other dark corners of the DCu. If this book gets the time it deserves it could be brilliant. I got a real uncanny X-force vibe from this issue… and that is not a bad thing at all.

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