What is Madame Xanadu’s plan? And why is she urging Shade the Changing Man to recruit a killer?

One by one, our anti-hero misfits are drawn inexplicably to each other… While John Constantine aids Zatanna in escaping a town destroyed by magic, June Moon seeks help from Deadman.

But in the end, will any of it be enough to escape the dark clutches of the insane and powerful Enchantress?

Cover by RYAN SOOK

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  1. Last issue was a ton of fun. I’m looking forward to this one as well. This really reminds me of a Vertigo title. It’s interesting, complex, and I’m sure will read great as it goes on and on.

  2. I’m digging this, but I may only be on board for the first arc, because I’m buying too many titles now.

  3. This book is definatly in my top ten new 52 books, safe from being dropped.

  4. It just seems silly to me that Constantine is fighting demonic threats. I mean he does fight demons but in a superhero manner.

  5. Between Justice League Dark, Batgirl, and Suicide Squad I feel the DC new 52 is successful.

    • I think it’s successful because you find those titles to be good and I don’t really care for them, there is something for everyone.

  6. @manbear agreed-This and Suicide Squad are the surpise hits from the 52 for me.

  7. Will this team eventually refer to themselves as The Justice League Dark in the comic? God I hope not. DC really needs to change the title of this nicely done book.

    Maybe something like “Night Force”

    • Yes DC change the title to Night Force, sell less copies, and then promptly cancel the title because of inadequate sales. The title of this comic, as goofy as it is, gives this comic a chance to succeed because of the power of the JL branding. Marvel uses the Avengers brand in the same way. Why not enjoy the content on the inside and recognize that the title isn’t for you but to encourage others to give the title a chance.

    • @glwarm73: okay

    • I agree with Ghostmann. I think the character have enough of a cult following that you don’t need the “Justice League” part of it. I like the idea of a team that can handle problems that the League can’t yet it seems dishonest to call this a Justice League team. I would have even been happy with Shadowpact. Just toss out that useless Mindwarp and put Ragman in his place. haha. Now that dude is dark.

  8. Decent issue. Only on the strength of issue 2 am I staying on.

  9. I find these characters really intriguing and can’t wait until they’re all together under one roof. I think Mr. P. Mill is writing a great story that doesn’t feel like a everyday super hero rump and that is really refreshing to me. Plus the art by Janin is just breath taking…5/5

    • My thoughts exactly. The page where Shade took care of that creepy chick was awesome. I wasn’t familiar with Mike Janin before this book, I am now a big fan. It will be interesting to see how MIlligan handles this magical team, there are pretty limitless possibilities for where it could go.

    • *Edit* Mikel

  10. I love these characters, but I need the plot to thicken a little more.

  11. Fine book just; a little tired of seeing Constantine and Deadman all over the place. They are in like three four other books right now and there are other characters that could really use the face time. This book receives a big 4 from me overall though. Great artwork and the story is reallty heating up and I wanna see more Z though.


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