Madame Xanadu continues guiding the world’s darkest heroes in their struggle against evil.

But will John Constantine, Zatanna, Shade the Changing Man and the others be able to join forces in time to defeat the dangerous Enchantress before she destroys the world as we know it?

Cover by RYAN SOOK

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  1. Easily my favorite surprise of the New 52. To me this read like the intriguing start to a Vertigo series. Can’t wait for this!

  2. This book makes me miss the Zatanna solo series that I loved. I thought the first issue of Justice League Dark was dull and the art was definitely not for me. I was really hoping for something special as I’m normally into the supernatural books.

    • Yes! This! I really liked that Zatanna Series. The only thing that has bothered me in the new 52 is her costume change. I’m still hoping it’s a combat suit or something… it’s not I know but I must have hope.

    • that’s basically how i feel about it….i so wanted the same tone as the Zatanna book, with some teammates. Kinda bummed its not that.

  3. This comic made me so happy that the Zatara/Goofy stupid Zatanna title had been canceled to be replaced by this. The Zatanna on-going was nothing short of a train wreck. It bounced between the wonderful Paul Dini writing stories all about Zatara and how Zatanna is obsessed with her father and can’t get over her father and she’s only all about her father.. and then Beechen’s HORRIBLE spoofy goofy stories like with Zee spitting all over people because of her braces.

    Right from the start in Justice League Dark, Zatanna is shown as powerful and taking charge. They don’t harp on her father as they did from issue 1 of Zatanna and the silly stories where Zatanna goes off and does something childish/stupid that really makes no sense. Zatanna is THE most powerful sematic mage in the DCU. THE MOST POWERFUL and she’s not capable of dealing with a Klarion wanna be? She gets kidnapped by an evil puppet (once again, trying to get revenge on her for her father).. Zatanna’s on-going was SUCH a disappointment and THANKFULLY DC didn’t hold it against her during the relaunch and axe her out of the New 52 all together. I’m glad to see her strong and powerful and her new costume doesn’t bother me all that much. I like the team and I’m positive Zee will show she’s Justice League material, not some throw away character that DC has been treating her like in the last couple years.

  4. This is a make or break issue for me…. im really hoping this issue connects with me more like some of the others i was also on the fence about. The first issue was just ok to me and didnt read that well but the cast of characters in this is to good for me to give up on it

  5. i’ll give it one more shot. I really wanted to get into it, but the first issue was kinda bland and not what i thought it would be. They had a winning formula with that last Zatanna series…i don’t know why they feel they have to throw it all away.

    • I agree. I am fairly new into the comic scene and the first book I picked up at my LCS was the Zatanna series you mentioned. I enjoyed that series and I was kind of let down with this new book. Maybe I had too high of expectation or something but this issue will help me decide.

  6. I love the magic in DC. Hoping there are some surprising twists and turns coming. Loved the first one!

  7. Book 1 did a fantastic job of explaining the role these characters fill in the DCU/Justice League. They made them relevant and fun to read. The character moments were very good with Shade, and Zatanna. Very much looking forward to this.

  8. I like the series so far and I just read the preview for this issue and seems to have a good start. I’m also having a hard time swallowing this new Z more so her new costume however; I think if she goes back to it once in awhile I will be sold. As far as the previous books are concerned, before the reboot I thought were fantastic.

    Just sayin’,


  9. Liked this issue much better. The writing really picked up and moved to the same level as the art. Crossing my fingers starting now.

  10. Yeah this is not for me apparently. Dropped.

  11. I want to love this book so hard, but there is just something missing, it’s got everything I love – Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Constantine, and enchantress. It’s got magic, spells, crazy stuff…. but I can’t explain what’s wrong.

    Also the Deadman and Dove crap was so weird I didn’t like that at all and I don’t know why it was there, it felt forced and entirely unnecessary. I’m sure it will be important later but I just don’t care about it at all and it was like HALF the issue!!>!!>!>!?!>.!feshflksdfckdszfv

    • Maybe I like my Magic to be fun? That would explain it because this book is not “fun”. But was the Madame Xanadu series fun? Yes, sometimes. It was a mixture. I don’t know what the hell I’m rambling about, this books got me all f’ed up.

  12. And I’m done.

    I feel like i’ve stepped into the middle of a long arc instead of the beginning of a reboot. The art was lovely, but without any frame of reference for these characters, the witty/angsty dialogue and the strife just didn’t … affect me.

  13. I’m still not sure if I like this or if I’m indifferent. :/

  14. So can people see Deadman now?. Everyone seems to be looking right at him, and he’s using doors instead of just flying through them. Is it the same in Hawk and Dove and DCU: Presents?.

    I liked the issue itself, I’d like to see the pace pick up a bit, but I’m enjoying it enough to stay on for the first arc.

  15. this issue was awesome! one of the best new books i’ve read. that deadman stuff was genius.

  16. I think that Bendis might have ruined magic spells in any other comic book. I find myself constantly craving what Bendis and Immonen did in New Avengers with Dr. Strange.

  17. It seems like so many other people here i want to love this book so much but once again this issue did not connect with me.

    im still very tempted to buy one more issue, i feel that this book will become good maybe after the first arc or so when the team is actually interacting with one another and actually are fighting against unknown evils as a team. I will probably wait and see the reviews the next time this comes out to decide

  18. I thought that this issue was a strong improvement over the first, which was intriguing, yet failed to grab me. The pacing felt better here, plus there was a clearer sense of a narrative direction. As with some of DC’s other team books, I don’t mind the fact that the series is taking its time to bring everyone together. The highlight of this issue, I thought, was the interplay with Dove and Deadman. I wonder if this means that she’ll be a regular presence in this book? And the art continues to be lovely.

    Glad I stuck around for the second issue; I’m now on board for at least the first arc. I haven’t read all my books yet, but so far this is my pick of the week.

  19. I don’t know what is going on

  20. Can anyone answer for me how Enchantress got to be in the state she is in? Or does this arc plan on revealing that?

    I just want to be sure that I am not missing something…

    How did Enchantress get to the state she is in? Is this part of the arc or was this revealed somewhere else?

    Also, the Dove scene was a little tricky had I not remembered who Dawn was. There was no evidence of Dawn leaving the car or turning into Dove (ie. Dawn’s door wasn’t open, no transformation panel). It was almost as if Dawn was about to hit Dove like a deer on the highway.

    I’m not advocating that things be spelled out, but wow…at least appeal to people who are unfamiliar with these characters.

    It’s almost like walking into a friend’s party where you don’t know anyone and no one is making an attempt to introduce themselves to you because they are too busy telling inside jokes…who wants to stick around for that?

    • I’m working on the assumption that the Enchantress thing will be explianed as we go along. As far as Dawn turning into Dove, I thought that she said her magic word, which was enough for me to bridge the transformation . . . Still, yeah there are a few narrative gaps here. For me at least, the vibe from this book is good enough to finish the arc in faith that all (ok, more :)) will make sense at the end . . .

  21. I can’t get passed the art in this. It feels really stiff, and in some spots reminds me of bad 90s computer animation.

  22. 3; enjoyed the artwork and the story is building in this issue to get us to the next point and the part I loved was the Deadman-Dove conflict which; was one of my questions on where or what do they do with thier relationship physicaly? Good series!

    Just sayin,’


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