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• A major new storyline starts here!

• In the aftermath of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK ANNUAL #1, the team picks up the pieces from their devastating losses.

• Black Orchid, Frankenstein and Amethyst explore the macabre House of Mystery — and what they find positions John Constantine as the most dangerous man in the DC Universe!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Graham Nolan & Victor Drujiniu
Colors by Jeromy Cox
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ryan Sook

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I love that these characters are sticking around for a bit. What a motley crew!

  2. Cool… Graham Nolan

  3. Ryan Sook … thank the gods for that man.

    Still, I’m considering dropping this. I was really excited for this one when the relaunch was beig announced. It stars some of my favorite DC characters, and I’ve always loved the magic corner of the DCU. But I feel like after 14 issues this has yet to meet my expectations.

    And is it wrong that the Hellblazer announcement has put a bad taste in my mouth for this? I know I shouldn’t let one affect the other, but I feel like reading this will be like seeing someone who eerily resembles a deceased loved one every day.

    I’m gonna hang in there for a few more. But I’ll say this; you add Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, and/or Ragman to this lineup and I won’t be goin’ anywhere. Sigh … I can dream.

  4. I want to see Black Alice get her chance to join the team.

  5. What a great issue! I was glad to see some exploration of the House of Mystery. I don’t have any history with it, but this issue got me a lot more interested in it than any previous issue of this series.

    Interesting room Black Orchid found…

  6. This is consistently my favorite title and a must read! Ever since Jeff Lamire took over this book has taken off and Mikel Janin art(even though he is taking this issue off after the annual) is by far the best and most detailed in all of comics. Looking forward to see where Johnny and his band of misfit toys end up and extremely intrigued about the upcoming Trinity War, which got a nice little tease this issue. Is it me or has Constantine become the central character of the DCU?

  7. I *really* want to like this series but ever since Lemire started writing it the tone has always felt off. It’s a book that I like in theory because I like these types of characters. It’s always decent, occasionally good, but never great. This issue was rather boring.

    I sense a strong editorial hand on Justice League Dark. It started out with a nicely bizarre tone under Milligan, which I enjoyed even though the pacing could’ve been faster. Then Lemire came on to make it a more straight-forward super-hero team with magic-themed characters. Now you’ve got characters popping out of the woodwork and strong ties to DC’s next big crossover.

    A year ago, when The New 52 was still young, I would’ve told you DC’s “Dark” line of books was the most exciting new thing in comics. Now that line has fallen out of favor. Rotworld bored me away from Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Frankenstein is nearly over. Demon Knights is about to lose Paul Cornell. And I feel like dropping Justice League Dark. Only a handful of New 52 comics are keeping my long-term interest.

    • I have come to learn how funny it is that tastes run so differently from one individual to the next. While I might agree with you about writer changes in other books, I really took to Lemire’s work. This is the first time I’ve read any of his writing, and it has compelled me to want to read other books he’s written. My (personal) track record with Milligan has been so-so at best. Vive la deference! as they say…

      I will agree, though, you’re right about characters kind of popping in out of nowhere. That’s probably the big editorial wheel turning…

  8. This was awesome. Especially since I love Haunted Houses. A great tease for Trinity war too. Justice League Dark is becoming a must read for anybody who wants to follow the goings on in the new DCU.

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