This is the big one! After the catastrophes seen in issues #5 and #6, a hero loses control, leading to an unexpected ending that will fundamentally change the lives of the World’s Greatest Heroes forever. This issue launches a major storyline in the DC Universe and is not to be missed!

Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mauro Cascioli

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Just got caught up on all this.  Can’t wait for the finale

  2. Now that I’m reading JLA, I feel like I should’ve stayed on this book.

  3. Issue 6 was SO much fun.  I’m really looking forward to this, especially after seeing the fallout in JLA last month. 

  4. I thought #6 was good but i dont know how i feel about the art… gotta finish what i started but i have good feeling about this one

  5. We’re back to the original artist on this final issue. 

  6. Should be an interesting finale.

  7. Picking this up.  Luckily not everything has been spoiled in JLA, so there is some mystery left.  And I enjoy reading Robinson’s commentary at the end.

  8. no commentary this issue

  9. I wonder how this is gonna end? Maybe someting bad will happen to green arrow?:)

  10. THis series started off roughly in the writing dept IMO but it’s only gotten better with each issue.  Can’t wait to see what Ollie does to turn the whole league against him.

  11. This has been such an interesting story in my opinion.  The only thing I don’t like is that so many folks here don’t end up in the actual JLA!

  12. SPOILERS (Maybe) 

    "…we’re loosing."  Come on DC’s editorial staff.  You can do better than this.  The art was very up and down, but I enjoyed the story.  Now we know why Green Arrow is in hot water.

  13. There’s a spoiler interview with the Green Arrow editor at the DC Source blog.  I read it as my shop did not have this issue or Jonah Hex in stock.  Shipping issues with Diamond.

  14. I do kind of like the turn it’s taking and the impact to several series going forward.

  15. If nothing else, this has gotten me interested in Green Arrow. Looking forward to what J.T. Krul has to offer.

     Also interesting to see all the backlash. 

  16. That was a sweet ending!!!

  17. Ugh, that was terrible.

    I don’t mind the turn for Ollie because he’s been there before. Mike Grell did this take on Ollie years ago.

    But the issue was a hot mess in terms of plotting and art, and it just made the cheapness of the plotting here stand out. Robinson’s way better than this. Seriously. Sigh.



  18. This book made me sad. Robinson has contracted Millar Syndrome. He is spitting out schlock and awe.

  19. Wow… that was dark.

     Disappointing series. I still don’t care about Robinson’s JL. However, I do want to see what happens with Ollie next.

  20. Good ending, but overall the series was a dissappointment, I get the feeling the ending was changed to fit into what’s happening over in JL and Green Lantern.

    I don’t think issue one was building up to Ollie firing that arrow (as cool a moment as that was), this book was about Hal making a stand for Justice, but that got forgotten along the way.

  21. Book has been outstanding from issue one, but the art was so so in this issue. The panel with Red Arrow’s daughters death just looked awkward.

  22. Art was so all over the place I had a lot of trouble enjoying this issue. Also, it had the hell spoiled out of it. Overall I liked CFJ, but it had some big flaws start to finish.

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