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  1. I liked the 1st issue, was disappointed in the 2nd, I’ll give it one more go. Hopefully the team will finally assemble in this issue and things can start moving forward.

    …still no mention of Batwoman

  2. I think I am looking forward to Mr. Robinson’s backmatter than I am the actual story.  I find the story enjoyable, but his explanations in the prose portion are even more entertaining.

  3. @stuclach I enjoyed it the first issue, found it tedious the second.

    Liked the first issue, thought the second was a bit of a misfire. We’ll see where it goes. 

  4. I saw the preview for this issue and decided to drop it. I sort of liked the first two issues but man was that preview bad. It was just horrible writing.

  5. Wow, I’ve loved every issue of this series so far.  The art is awesome and the story is coming along.  The backmatter is totally awesome too.

  6. I’ve been loving the text pieces in the back so much. You can tell that Robinson truly loves the superhero genre.

  7. I don’t really get the hate this series has been getting. I thought both issues so far were solid.

  8. @skeets – I think the hate is partially based on the fact that many people have read Justice League related books that started the same way this one did.  I haven’t, so it isn’t bothering me.

  9. I disliked issue 2 because Hal and Ollie weren’t written in character. It felt rushed, forced and overly silly. 

  10. Is this going to be his team for Justice League?

    Cuz if it isn’t I don’t see why this mini is happening.

    Despite that, I’m really digging on it.

  11. the art really doesn’t seem to fit the mood of the story.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something isn’t meshing well.  we’re only at issue 3 though, so I don’t want to be too judgmental.

  12. Hal’s comment and question on the first page seem really awkwardly worded.  He sounds like Shatner in my head.

    Back to reading. 

  13. Some of the dialog in this issue was just strange.  However, there were some excellent moments (like "I like toffee apples.") and Mr. Robinson has me excited for the rest of the series.  The teaser image of The Shining Knight was particularly inspiring. (I have been rooting a comeback since reading The Shining Knight’s Seven Soldiers mini.)

    I love this quote from the back matter portion (which was excellent again): "God I hate Grant Morrison." 

  14. Agree with the dialogue. Some of it was very weird but some of it was brilliant (The aforementioned "toffee apples" line). The art in this series is amazing. Beautiful. It’s a shame we’re going to go from this to Bagley for the ongoing. Depressing.

    Also, I love that Robinson is making Prometheus a major villain. He’s one of my favourites and I’d love for him to be a massive threat. 

  15. Ugh. Dropped. How can you get Hal and Ollie so wrong? James, what happened? There are some great ideas here, but I just can’t stand the terrible dialogue, clunky phrasing and over-the-top nature of this. Someone above said they thought it was similar to Secret War and this is true. 2/5

  16. The opening scene to this was pretty weak. Supergirl crying and the "We can be JUSTICE" line were the worst offenders. The rest of the issue was a lot of fun though, and those splash pages were breathtaking.

    Anyone know who the silver woman is 4th row down 2nd one in on the last page?

  17. Also, the R.E.B.E.L.S. annual preview was pretty interesting. I might have to check it out, dug the art.

  18. I had "dropped" stuck in my mind until about halfway through the issue, now it seems I’ll be sticking around. 

  19. Really? Supergirl Literally cried for justice. I was pretty much turned off at that point

  20. I don’t read this series, but the negative reviews I’ve read of it make it seem like the worst thing ever and very uncharacteristic of Robinson. I’m not saying the negative reviews necessarily have to be the right way to look at things, but the way some reviewers talk about the lack of action in this series, how the major events happen off-panel so that Robinson can instead foreground scenes of tedious chit-chat . . . and how static the art looks . . . I’m kind of amazed that even the people who like it don’t really say that it’s a departure from what we’re used to (in JLA and from Robinson). Instead the positive reviews I’ve read are sort of vague, like they’ll say "This was fun. The art is good." Step your game up, positive reviewers! I was going to read this series in trade but no one’s given me a reason to…

  21. @flapjaxx – I mentioned some specific things I enjoyed.  I’m not an individual who has read a lot of Justice League reboots, so that aspect of it doesn’t bother me.  It is somewhat lacking in action, but in this issue (SPOILERS) we saw an intelligent Gorilla and a Blue Man in a trenchcoat jump out of an airplane to battle some villains on their way to the ground.  That’s pretty damn actiony.  I don’t think this is the greatest comic book of all time, but I think it is a pretty solid 3.5-4 out of 5 book.  I also think it is certainly better than the most recent incarnation of the primary Justice League book.

  22. @flapjaxx -But this was fun, and the art is good.

    In all seriousness, I’m just glad to have a Justice League book that isn’t being screwed by editorial. The book does have some wonky dialogue at times and Hal and Ollie are a bit off, but I would rather have a book with genuine flaws than editorial dictating story.

  23. This very mediocre book, with sometimes laughably bad dialogue, does not bode well for the future of the Justice League book once Robinson takes over. Not that the Justice League book has been any good at all the last several years.

    I THINK that from here ON I will practice James ROBINSON style terrible dialogue, with strange EMphasis in all the wrong places, in my ifanboy POSTS.  

    I want JUSTICE! Together, we can find JUSTICE!!

  24. ok even though i said i would drop it, i picked this issue up. Everything with hal and ollie and there group is dreadful. But the scenes with congorilla are really good. Plus the art is amazing. I do not know if i will pick up the next issue. Probally not though.

  25. Dropped.

  26. My mind is telling my no, but my heart is crying out yes.

  27. This was not worth the hype. Promethus is the only thing that makes this awesome.

     and I like how Hal just reveals Bruce’s name in front of Clayface.

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