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Ladies and gentlemen, when reviewing the first issue of Justice League: Cry for Justice, I swore that if one more person made a corny cry for justice, then that would be it for me. Well, after seeing Supergirl make that cry a few pages in, I knew that after finishing this issue, I wouldn’t be reading the remaining issues.

It’s not just that reason I’m dropping this title, though it is a contributing factor. This book has failed in every which way to hook me with its script and art. I haven’t had too much history with the works of James Robinson, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t get famous for hackneyed scripts like this. None of the heroes talk naturally amognst themselves, and it’s even more groan inducing when someone makes a joke. Additionally, all the potentially exciting scenes are quickly skipped over in favor of scenes where the heroes just stand around gabbing their bad lines. So in other words, its more of the same from last issue.

And that brings me to the art. Mauro Cascioli’s art is kind of pretty, but I feel that he’s being underused for the most part. Most of the panels that he draws are heroes standing around with their hands on their hips or their arms crossed, looking like statues. I did enjoy the double page spread of Congorilla and Starman kicking the crap out of robots while falling into the sea, as those are the first signs of life I’ve found in his art throughout this whlole series. However, it’s way too little, too late. I’m hoping for the people that are still sticking with this book that the art becomes more dynamic.

So it’s still the same problems with this book with no real signs of improving. I do, however, really enjoy Robinson’s text pieces at the end of the book, as they are very passionate and informative. I just wish he could translate that passion into his scripts, as they are still dull and uninspired. I’ll page through this book at my LCS when it comes out, but there’s no way I can continue picking up this book. I really hope Robinson improves his game when he takes over the ongoing.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average

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