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  1. I don’t have much of a history with the JLA so I’m not seeing the same things negative things others are seeing with the last issue.

    I’m looking forward to this the most this week.

  2. I’m looking forward to this if only for the beautiful art.

  3. Hal and Ollie, both totally gay for justice!

  4. I’m gay for justice too!

  5. I’m a slavish fan of Hal and Ollie so this is a no-brainer. Wasn’t wowed by last issue, but Robinson is the master of the long game.

  6. The art is beautiful, but for some I am not enjoying it too much. I don’t know why. What is that coloring style? Pastel?

  7. Micheal THomas and the Gorilla seem to be exchanging some kind of heart/love beam. they’re gay for justice too.


    so he;s the one that did THAT monkey, you know the one

  8. So, are we gonna see the fall out of what happens in this story in JLA before Cry For Justice ends?

  9. Issue #1 was way too corny for me to continue with this at $3.99. If it was a regular price I’d give it more of a chance, so by beefing up prices DC has actually LOST money from me (& others I’m guessing).

  10. I thought this issue was £2.99 – according to the pull list on my Ipod.

    I’ve only read the first hard cover of Grant Morrison’s JLA so ScorpionMasada I’m not seeing too many problems with this. I liked the last issue, mostly for Green Lantern/Green Arrow, their section was definatly my favourite bit. It highlighted a lot of the reason’s I’ve not read JLA regularly. They always seem holier than thou, but do very little.

  11. @edward: good job. that made me laugh out loud.

  12. The art alone almost justifies the 3.99 price…. almost.

  13. We’ll see how this one goes. Mildly excited.

  14. @rift1128

    It is really nice art. DC are pulling me in the with art at the moment, especially on Detective Comics.

     There is a back story too isn’t there. I thought I read in the last one that there was going to be a 3-4 page origin story for each member in the back of each issue.

  15. I’m late reading this one, but I enjoyed it. I particularly like it when a writer selects from some of the less well known DCU characters.

    One thing though, why is Wonder Woman being drawn with a camel toe? It’s distracting!

  16. I’m not real hot on this but as long as Green Arrow and GL are teamed up every issue will be on my list.

  17. I didn’t hate #1 like everyone else on the internet seemed to and I enjoyed this one. It’s not anything great but it’s an entertaining read. But the art is fantastic. It’s a strange cast of characters Robinson is building here and I’m looking forward to their encounter with Prometheus and their adventures further on.

  18. There definatly were some cheesy moments in the writing but overall the issue was a great improvement over issue one. The art was great again.

  19. I enjoyed this about as much as the first issue. I really like Mr. Robinson’s comments at the end of the issues. He seems like a likable guy (despite his awkward interview with Josh from a few years ago).

  20. I really enjoyed this issue a lot. There was some really good dialogue in this and the art was beautiful. I love The Atom so I’m very excited for that.


  21. I felt this was very, very weak. If it wasn’t for the interaction between Hal & Ollie, this would be a 1.


  22. I like this book.  It does have a certain hokiness to it, but its definetly a fun read.  The only issue I have with it is that they do the character profiles at the end of the book and they put the book in key storylines!  ISN’T THAT A LITTLE PRETENTIOUS? 

  23. i’m confused? Who’s Hal’s best friend, Barry or Ollie? Do Barry and Ollie get on? Is it awkward when just Barry and Ollie hang out? i’m pretty sure it would be.


    If there was a forth female superhero friend it would make a hell of a sit-com

  24. It was a lot better then last issue.


    mmm Supergirl.

  25. @edward Hal probably considers both of them his best friends. And Black Canary used to travel with Hal and Ollie in the 70s. 

  26. awkward!

  27. =| i’m certainly not gay for justice… hmmph

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