Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history!

In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes!

This spectacular debut issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Variant cover by DAVID FINCH

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I’m actually going to buy a copy of the combo pack (for me), and a copy of the print issue (to give away). Might as well share the love a little bit.

  2. So are all of the new DC books that offer the combo pack going to be listed twice in the new comics list? If so, that’s going to be kind of annoying. Minor quibble, for sure. But I think it would be better if you guys didn’t list the same book essentially twice on here. For numbers sake, but also so as to keep things clean and not messy.

    • Its not the same exact title though. It costs more. I kind of think it should be broken down. To boot I’m probably going to buy the regular version and this version for various reasons.

    • It’s a different offering on the shelf.

    • I know it’s a different item. But in terms of things like Top 5 Pick of the Week and such, all it does is splits up the number of readers a book has that week.

    • @j206: Not much you can do about that; they’re offering their book in multiple formats.

    • yeah but couldn’t you guys just leave the combo pack issues off the iFanboy pull list so that there is only one Justice League listed? Cause I have to pull both because even though i’m getting this one I have to pull the other one because that’s where the discussion is happening and also where people are going to be selecting PoTW (i’m assuming). It’s a minor complaint I know but it will be annoying to see doubles of these all over the site when they start deploying the combo packs more often. Just my two cents

    • @thompsonlive It’s a brave new comics world. We’ve all got to adjust a bit.

    • fair enough

  3. Ha, I’ll paypal someone a $1.50 for their code.

  4. I think that DCBS had the combo pack for <$1.00 more so I went ahead and pre-ordered this version of the book. Looking forward to reading this when my box arrives next week.

    • i side with conor.i know people who pulled the print version after reading the digital version.so back off @nextchampion

  5. So let me get this straight:

    It’s all about digital on this site, all the time. Yet the option to get the digital comic only has 68 pulls in comparison to the 844 people who pulled for only getting the PRINT version.

    The ratio of people wanting digital to people keeping print seems to be far less then I initially thought.

    • This is specifically the combo pack–a paper copy plus a digital code. People who are buying digitally are pulling the regular JUSTICE LEAGUE book, as they should.

    • Where does it say in the rule book that people pulling the regular JLA #1 are also buying the digital copy?

      That’s the biggest reach I’ve ever read on this site.

    • Read the comments under JUSTiCE LEAGUE People there are buying both print and digital.

    • @conor: Well….funny story.

      Out of 49 comments on JLA #1 right now.

      Three comments, 3, specially state they are going to buy the digital copy.

      While 46 of those comments either vaguely mention digital or they outright DONT say they will or will not buy it.

      But those three comments man, that truly means a digital revolution.

    • I’m not sure where the digital revolution bit is coming from, I’m only trying to explain the basic concept of the Combo Pack being a specific and different product than the regular issue. This isn’t the listing for the digital copy. I realize that you are having trouble grasping this.

    • @conor And I’m pointing out that you said:

      ” People who are buying digitally are pulling the regular JUSTICE LEAGUE book, as they should.”

      Which is such a vague, can’t prove statement because there is no way all 847 people pulling JLA are buying either the digital copy or both. Which then you pointed out saying:

      “Read the comments under JUSTiCE LEAGUE People there are buying both print and digital”

      Which then I had to point out that other then 3 people saying it, no one else on that thread said they were buying both.

      I’m just pointing out you typed two inaccurate and wildly vague statements with nothing to back up either.

    • You’re very tiring because you never stay on topic.

      Again… this is the listing for the COMBO PACK. It is a very specific product. It is not the DIGITAL COPY. If you want to pull the paper copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 or if you want to pull the digital copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 you go to the same place:


      Just as you will go to the same place for every DC books that comes out whether you want it in paper or digital.


    • “It’s all about digital on this site, all the time.”

      Really? Come on, that’s a pretty outrageous statement. This site hardly goes out of the way to promote digital comics. When a story about digital is relevant, it is obviously brought up, but for the most part, the site just promotes COMICS and doesn’t make any mention of the format they are delivered in.

      You’re kind of jumping to conclusions on nobody buying digitally based on the comments. You said there are 49 comments on the thread….and 840+ people have pulled the book. Yeah, there’s no way to prove a lot of people are buying it in digital, but there’s no way to prove they aren’t either.

      Based on the comments when the New 52 was first announced with Day and Date Digital, a LOT of people seemed happy for the option to buy the comic digitally when it comes out. It’s not a stretch to say way more than 3 people on this site are going to be buying it that way.

    • Also, I never said that 847 people were buying both print and digital at the same time. I said that 847 people are buying print and digital. Some one; some the other. I realize now that the nuance there might be too subtle.

    • I understand, for no reason reason other then ‘saying it so it must be true argument’ that JLA #1 means both digital and print. But you said two very vague statements in this conversation and you won’t admit it.

      Plus wouldn;’t it be better to get this deal? I mean digital copies are gonna be $1.99 right? So technically your getting the digital copy for half the value. So not making this the digital version of the same comic makes no sense in that regard. People should be getting this to get the cheaper value!

    • Seriously? Are you telling me that I don’t know how things are listed on my own website?

    • I never said that. I said that those two statements about the people buying both print and digital could not; statistically or practically accurate in those statements. That’s it. I never said you didn’t know how to make this site nor am I saying anything else to the contrary. Just thought those two statements were not a good basis on trying to make an argument.

    • If you also talking about that last comment about this being a cheaper value. I just mean that if this is essentially going to make the digital copy cheaper, by it being essentially a $1 instead of $1.99, then it would make sense of the PEOPLE buying digital to go for this value instead of waiting.

      No where in that post was it mocking you in any way and I’m sorry if you read it that way.

    • You said this: “I understand, for no reason reason other then ‘saying it so it must be true argument’ that JLA #1 means both digital and print” after I explained again how you are fundamentally misunderstanding what you are talking about, i.e. you claiming that this is the listing for the digital copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.

    • I’m just saying that no where on this site did it read: “By the way, if you’re getting the digital copy you should be pulling this JLA #1 instead of the combo pack JLA #1”. That’s it.

    • That’s because you seem to be the only one not understanding the difference between the regular issue and the combo pack.

    • I did say earlier that I knew it wasn’t the digital copy only…..but looking back we kinda buried it in this discussion. lol

      So agree to disagree to end the night.

    • Agree to disagree about what? That you flew off the handle, again, over something you misunderstood?

    • Well again I never misunderstood it as I said earlier, your the one who keeps assuming it.

      After 20 comments later a guy could get some shut eye.

    • “It’s all about digital on this site, all the time. Yet the option to get the digital comic only has 68 pulls in comparison to the 844 people who pulled for only getting the PRINT version.”

      “Where does it say in the rule book that people pulling the regular JLA #1 are also buying the digital copy?”

      That was how this all started, your misunderstanding of that this page is for. Once that was pointed out you flew off in some other completely random direction while denying you misunderstood in the first place.

    • ZOMG @TheNextChampion you are soooo freaking annoying ALL THE TIME. You are like the socially inept kid at a party that wants to throw his crazy opinions around and then forever argue if anyone even slightly disagrees with him.

    • Fantastic.

    • Dude… Seriously?

  6. I’m debating whether I should pick up the combo pack from my LCS or the digital copy. At my LCS, I have a 20% discount. So I should be able to get the combo pack for about $4.32. But if I got the digital copy alone, I would be paying $3.99. So that’s only about 30 cents more to get both the paper copy and the digital. But my goal is to cut down on the amount of paper I’m buying, so getting the combo pack is sort of defeating the purpose. Of course, I could wait a month for the price of the digital copy to drop. I’m not sure if I have the patience to do that just yet. Not for the first issue. But probably later down the line I’ll do that.

    • I just got this combo pack just so I would have a print copy of the 1st issue that I can frame on my bookshelf/wall other than that i’m going all digital after this.

    • good idea. I think I’ll do the same. Also, I want to be able to participate in all the discussion when the first issue comes out.

  7. This is a pretty big deal, man. Definitely getting this, maybe two copies, one to open and one to hold sacred as the first (is it?) digital/print combo pack.

  8. I’m just getting the digital comic and guess what? I pulled the JL#1 comic and not this one. Why? Because this one is the combo pack and I’m not getting the combo pack. There is no ambiguity here. Digital, digital, wooooo.

  9. Dan Didio came to Zapp comics in NJ yesterday for their midnight launch, and hung out for almost 90 minutes talking to us and answering questions (really awesome guy!). I wound up asking about the combo pack and if they have future plans for doing this with other titles. He said it all depends on

    A) how well these sell, and
    B) are people buying them because they have a variant cover (collectors collecting) or if they are actually redeeming the codes.

    So if you buy one of these please redeem the codes so they will make more of them and expand it to other titles.

  10. Here’s a puzzler. Which is longer: Pi or the code DC requires you to enter in order redeem the digital copy of this issue?

  11. The fact that the entire history of the DCU up until now has been erased and rewritten in a ‘flash’ will take some getting used to, didn’t really like this issue, thought the back and forth between Batman and GL was lame, and didn’t think anyone could just pull off a GL ring while they were using it. Johns writes some questionable stuff sometimes.

  12. I may be stupid here, but haven’t been to my LCS today. Is the digital copy only available through the DC Comics iOS app or will it be available on the iTunes store for iBooks or the amazon store for Kindle and so on…

    • It’s available through anything u can read comixology on which includes a pc.

    • comics.comixology.com and anything you buy there will also be available to you on any mobile device such as android, ipad, iphone, etc.

    • so in order for the people outside of comics that they are trying to draw in to read digital comics they have to have a comics app and know about how to access the digital comics. This doesn’t seem like a good strategy. If they want to be successful they have to get on the amazon store and iTunes store.

    • It’s actually pretty easy I just buy from Comixology. I can buy or read them from my android phone, iPad, or straight from my computer on http://comics.comixology.com and all your purchases sync between the devices. You could also you graphicly.com (i think that’s who sponsors ifanboy). I’ve been buying digital comics this way for well over 7 months and never had any problem with it being available this way instead of through the iTunes store or Amazon. You can also use just the DC or Marvel apps and they sync to comixology as well. Pretty easy if you ask me.

  13. I really wanted to get the combo pack, but my LCS didn’t have any. I asked an employee, and he said they didn’t even order any of the combos. Smacked of some kind of “inventory protectionism” or something. But hey, I can’t way I blame them. They got about 80 copies and were completely sold out (including subs/pulls of course),

  14. I would go digital and buy a payload worth of comics if they were .99 cents. I think I would spend more than I do now for the books in total… Oh, did I mention Im a hospital based physician/grown up? Why should I care about cost? Well… comics are most fun when you get a bunch and follow multiple stories at one time… I can usually follow a couple dozen at once… but the 3.99 makes you wonder if this isn’t getting out of hand… It’s not about cost, it’s about value. Read on comic fans.

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