TRINITY WAR, the action-mystery event of the summer, begins with a full-length epic adventure!

The death of a hero ignites a violent war among the Justice Leagues! It’s League vs. League vs. League as an impending darkness approaches the DC Universe. But the truth behind it all will lead to an evil that threatens every hero on the planet. And what does the Secret Society of Super-Villains have to with this? Everything.

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert
Colors by Rod Reis
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Rod Reis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.2%


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  1. Oh I love action-mystery events…whatever those are

  2. Seeing as JLD is gonna be interrupted by this event might as well check it out.

  3. A lot of DC’s credibility rests on this event being good. Let’s hope it lives up to the year long build up.

    • I hope so too. Is this series any good? I’ve read volumes 1 and 2 but I still can’t bring myself to care about it. It doesn’t feel like Justice League to me. Has it gotten better since issue 12?

    • If the hyperbolic solicitation is of any indication, this is going to be a confusing slugfest and only serves to setup the upcoming Forever Evil project.

      If someone tells me that the Metal Men or Dr. Will Magnus is appearing in this trilogy, I’ll bite. Otherwise, I’ll pass and look forward to hearing the opinions of the iFanbase!

    • @IthoSapien, I was pretty mixed on the first two acrs, but have felt that the series has picked up starting with Throne of Atlantis(which was a really strong story), and is more consistent now.

      @Will Magnus, I am worried that this will be one of those huge senseless heroes fighting heroes things until the final chapter when everyone slaps their forehead and goes “wait, it was all a mistake, we should really be united against . . .”

      We’ll see.

    • Thanks @Cosmo, I may buy the back issues from #13-21 to catch up. Eg, maybe just read them first in the shop. Like I said, I want to like this book but the first 2 volumes felt like a popcorn flick than a story featuring the best heroes of the DCU.

      As an aside, it’s my fear that what you described is what will happen (the promo image given with the TW checklist doesn’t inspire confidence). If it happened tho, I wouldn’t blame DC. I think that’s what brings in money now; Heroes vs Heroes. Example: AVX.

  4. ” It’s League vs. League vs. League”

    Wait, how many League’s are there now?

  5. Luckily I’m reading JL and JLD. I may just have to skip the other stories. We’ll see how great it is!

  6. I wonder if we will still get to see Shazam in a back-up story? That last one was awesome!

    • Nope. JL #21 was the end of the Shazam! backups. Shazam is gonna be front and center in Trinity War.

    • Seems like by October, all the back-up stories are dead, even though those books are keeping their 3.99 prices.

      RIP back-ups. Looks like I’ll be dropping even more DC books. They are dropping like flies for me.

    • Can you blame DC though? They were giving us more content for the same price and people simply weren’t buying enough of the comics to justify their continued existence, most especially compared to Marvel (where over half of their books are $3.99).

      I’ll miss the back ups, however. They were always a fun read, doubly so if the main story didn’t grab you.

    • I may hold onto the Justice League books through Trinity War just out of curiosity for the event, but once it’s over I’m dropping any DC $3.99 without additional content. Well, maybe not Batman. We’ll see.

    • It seems DC is moving more to $3.99 prices the same as Marvel. I’m guessing they will eventually be pretty much all $3.99 like Marvel. Marvel has proven they can put out double shipping $3.99 titles and people still buy them with little complaint. We’ve been rather spoiled with DC’s prices up to this point.

    • The key difference here, for me at least, is that Marvel throws in a free digital copy with their $3.99 books whereas dc adds another buck and sells a batman “combo pack” that includes a download. If out weren’t for this fact I’d be dropping at least five marvel books.

  7. Will try and get all of these issues excluding the tie-ins. Can’t wait to see where this goes, love this series so far, Johns has really stepped up since Volume 2 ended, which itself was far from a good selection of issues.

  8. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Really excited about this, the previews look great.

  9. Dropped this series after #21. I’m thinking of getting the trade on this one…maybe. I got burned BIG TIME by getting all the crap non-main GL titles that were supposed to be part of the White Lantern story when all I really needed was to get the Main GL as the other books were just tie-ins, even though they were marketed as part of the story. What a waste of money that was and never again.

    I hate how they want you to buy different books that you don’t have on your pull list, (for me JLA and JL Dark) and then raise the price a buck like they did with JL Dark… I even cancelled JL until this is over and will decide if it’s good enough to pick up afterwards (probably not though as I’m cutting lots of books recently to make room for the new Image and Vertigo books 😀 ) as I agree with you the regular story has been mediocre at best and I was eagerly awaiting the Shazam! back up every time it came out.

    • What?! They raised the price on JLDark! Man…..

    • I was really stoked for Trinity War but dropped out at the last min because of the JLD price bump and JLA page decrease. I almost jumped back in until all those great Image titles were announced. Now I seriously need to trim my pull to make room for a few of them, Black Science and Velvet at the minimum.

    • Even though I said I wasn’t going to buy this I ended making a last minute decision to get it anyway. I enjoyed the issue a lot, especially seeing Shazam interact with the Justice League. It was fun, well written and balanced. I’m hoping it’s just as good as Throne of Atlantis. I’ll probably drop all the Justice League titles after this finishes up tho.

  10. A surprisingly good start to Trinity War, really benefits from a second read through.

  11. This was surprisingly good!! A great start to what I hope will be a big DC event.


    Good issue!


    It may not be his fault but he full on annihilated that poor guy.

    Point of Order, why did everyone start fighting after the murder? Steve should have said, “Superman, you are under arrest.” Supes would have gone along with it. He’s not an evil man at heart.

  13. This was … kinda crazy.

    On one hand, it had all the great moments of a Johns event. I felt like I was reading Infinite Crisis or Blackest Night. The way it touched on every currently important corner of the universe and culminated in the shit hitting the fan and the stage being set.

    On the other hand, I didn’t really care. It may be my unrelenting disdain for almost every move that DC’s made since the relaunch. It may be my gradual shift towards creator owned, self contained stories and away from tights and fights. Or it may just be the occasional event fatigue we fans often go through. I just see a bunch of heroes fighting for no real reason. I assume (since this is only the part one) that the heroes will start out at odds and then come together to overcome the larger threat and thus solidify the new universe. But maybe it’s that acceptable predictability that makes me feel like an outsider looking in this time around.

    I dunno. I’m going to continue reading JL and JLA like usual. But I dropped JLD a while back and this didn’t inspire me enough to want the whole story. And did anyone else feel like they missed an issue? When did Zatanna get that costume? Wasn’t the last time we saw Arthur Light when his lab exploded in JLA? I will say that the Outsider reveal was pretty awesome, but it still seems like they’re forcing the Secret Society pretty quickly, considering they’ve only had one arc to establish their strength.

    On a positive note, this issue was stunning. Reis continues to prove himself as the finest superhero artist in the business. There’s no one else that can handle the emotional moments and the big action simultaneously and with such a deft hand. Gorgeous stuff.

  14. I really like what Johns has been doing with the Secret Society. This issue definitely demonstrated how deep the conspiracy goes, and how little the Justice Leagues are prepared for it.

    Makes me excited about Forever Evil coming up.

  15. I loved this book. It was great. So much fun. Reis’ art on this totally kicks Jim Lee’s ass. He is so damn good, and Johns was firing on all cylinders.

    I’m just wondering why this was 34 pages. Is the next issue of JLA gonna be 3.99 for only 20 pages? I wish DC would be open and honest about what exactly we are getting, it’s very confusing.

    I admit I was apprehensive about this story but it started off with a bang.

  16. This was ok. felt kind of like a kid playing with his Justice League action figures, which for a while can be fun but I hope this unfolds to something bigger, though we already know the end thanks to Johns straight up spoiling it in a video.

  17. *SPOILERS*

    This was awesome. And poor Madam Xanadu. It was really cool seeing the JL and JLA interact. No way Superman did that on purpose though. I’m pretty sure it was either Pandora’a Box or Dr. Light sucking it right out of him.

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