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Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert
Colors by Rod Reis
Cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Rod Reis

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

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Story: 1 - Poor
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  1. Pretty sure the point was that Superman was being controlled by someone else. Also, what’s the third strike? I count two.

    • Injustice is one. Man of Steel is two (Arguably, I admit). This is three.

      And I know that it is the point, but it felt so lazily done. Superman heat visioned someone in the face over his girlfriend getting blasted by an energy blast, which don’t they do on a daily basis?

  2. Superman was being controlled by someone. That’s the whole mystery. I think you missed the point supernac90.

  3. I understand that Superman was controlled, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t with how many times they said it.

    My problem is the situation that was created to in which Superman was used to kill him. Was it being set-up for awhile? Yes. But of all the ways the villains could get this near god being to kill someone they choose to do it by having someone attack his girlfriend? Really? I mean Superman is that kind of protector but he has watched his demi-god girlfriend get attacked how many times by blasts like that? And Superman let her handle it herself. In this series alone ignoring any other of their rare appearances. The public would believe it, Waller and the naive heroes there would maybe even believe it.

    But us, the readers? Batman? Pretty much most of the Justice League? If you want to set-up a mystery, have us interested in not just the who but, but the how. This could be considered nit-picky for some, but it just makes me kind of disappointed at how much potential was there for a much better triggering act.

    • We don’t know if the villain’s behind this planned to have Wonder Woman attacked (unless I missed something in the issue). Maybe they just set up Superman to touch the box. For all we know the villains don’t have a full understanding of what touching the box would do to Supes.

  4. I don’t think this is a fair review. You come across as just a bitter Superfan.

    • It does come across that way, but I’m trying not to. I think it can be done right, I just don’t think this was the way to do it. Were there good parts to the book? Yes. But it would change my Story: 1 to a 2, just do to how it this part hinged on what I thought was a poor way to handle Superman murdering someone.

    • I agree there does seem to be an overkill of Superman killing, like you said. Three times this year is a bit much.

      But way back when he first started out in comics he killed villains. And Batman used a gun. They’re just fictional characters that do what the writers and artists make them do.

      I can understand not wanting Superman, the iconic hero, to be a killer, but in Injustice he got out of control and was kind of the villain, in Man of Steel I couldn’t figure out any other way to stop Zod (how could they imprison him?) and in this book, he was controlled by outsides forces somehow.

    • I liked how he killed in Man of Steel. It was performed well, and written in a way were he had no other option unless that decided to get weird and Silver Agey, my problem with his murder there is a lack of immediate follow up on it.

      When it comes to Justice League, they try to set-up a mystery on how he was controlled, but basically told us who and had a one page spread where he touched the ultimate item of evil to help us figure out how. That could change but I don’t see where the clues are. I also just don’t find the situation in which he killed the character believable. And while from what the story gives us, I know I am not supposed to believe it, I feel like a good mystery should give me some doubt. It’s less a problem with Superman killing more setting up the mystery, because I feel like most of the characters involved, wouldn’t find it believable as well.

      By the way, I am really enjoying discussing this. It’s helping me pinpoint the why behind my dislike better then normal. If I am coming across any other way I do apologize.

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