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• GEOFF JOHNS is joined by TONY DANIEL for a two-part chapter in the Justice League saga marching toward TRINITY WAR.

• JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 will have the world debating its shocking conclusion – and where it will lead from here!

• The League takes on a villain destined to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe in the year ahead – the mysterious Cheetah! But who is she? What is her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team?

• Plus: The next chapter of the SHAZAM! backup epic by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Tony S. Daniel, Richard Friend, & Batt
Colors by Tomeu Morey
Letters by Patrick Brosseau
Cover by Tony Daniel, Richard Friend, & Tomeu Morey

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Daniel! Cheetah! …forshadowing! looking forward to this:)

  2. All this is great, but that Gary Frank is such a strong pull. Love this book each month!

  3. Cheetah is going to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe? Move over Darkseid and Nekron!

  4. with the exception of Detective #1, i always seem to like Tony’s art a lot more when he’s not scripting the book as well, which, i really hope is the case cuz not only do i want to love this, but i wanna love his and Diggle’s Action, too.

  5. These short stories that they use as fill in before the big story isn’t something I like. They feel like Anime fillers to me.

  6. I loved Daniel’s stuff with Morrison on Batman. RIP was a blast. Just don’t let the man near a typewriter!

  7. Really concerned about the ammount of pulls, I definitely thought this would be in the 1000’s but it is still early.

    • Why’s that a concern? Just curious. Some of my fav comics get 5 or less pulls, and I don’t think we need to worry about Justice League’s popularity.

    • Yeah, there is no need to be concerned as this sites pull amount is not overly indicative of what is selling well (it can have some correlation), just most likely what are the best reads!!! Lots of pulls generally means a very well rounded book for both art and story.

    • I gotta disagree there, I don’t think number of pulls does mean that. It’s just a measure of awareness of a title in this community. Plenty of spectacular comics don’t have many pulls.

  8. I think this series has improved, but it is still not flipping my pancakes.

  9. This book. Sigh. I swear to god, I literally face palmed out of embarrassment for the creators when I got to the last page. Why do I keep buying this? I think a part of me is actually excited to see how awful it can continue to be and what ridiculous thing they’re going to do next. Wow, Johns. Get it together, I know there’s a good writer in there somewhere. SuperCat…just, wow.

  10. I like from where this book picked up but the ending was too far fetched.

  11. I liked the art…. I really liked the art. But the last page in the main story was frustrating. No way she bites his neck like that. How does she break his skin? Superman is the worst part of the new 52.

    • She breaks the skin because her powers are magic based and Superman has a major weakness to magic, so the presence of magic would weaken his powers allowing her teeth to break the skin.

    • a lot of people seem to overlook his vulnerbility to magic. it gets ole Supes in quite the pickle from time to time.

    • Thank you DrBr00klyn. Awesome explanation, and I am happy to be more informed as a reader going forward.

  12. Was on the fence about picking this up…and the comments are making me want to pass on this…

  13. Really impressed with Tony Daniel’s art on this one. I think a stint as art only could do him some good.

    Excited about his upcoming Action Comics run now!

  14. Very disappointed by the lack of SHAZAM in this issue. I got totally lied to by solicits!

  15. very good issue. Daniel’s work was good. i especially liked his Wonder Wonder and that might be one of the best Cheetah’s i’ve seen. however, the kiss on the opening panel didn’t hold a candle to Lee’s. it looks like they’re kneeling down, but in the air. looked awkward and unnatural.
    And boy, did Superman look funny as Super-Pussycat on that last page. i nearly fell on the floor laughing. not sure were this is going, but i wanna know.
    i also wanna know what happened to Shazam. the Arrow story is fine(yeah, i miss old Ollie too, guys. don’t worry, we’ll get there. he has to grow into the character), but dagumit, i want Shazam!

  16. Warners to launch “League” movie in 2015? Is this hope or fear that I’m feeling?

  17. Catfight! It is pretty cool to see that Cheetah has been elevated to a villainess who can take on the Justice League, rather than being relegated to be just one of its members’ nemesis. Tony Daniel is an A+ artist and he proves it here.

    Please check my mini-review of Justice League #13 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  18. I’m basically still getting this book for the Shazam backup. Two consecutive regular issues (i.e. not #0s) without Shazam backups leave me wondering if it’s worth it after all.

  19. I think the Wonder Woman here is starting to sound a lot more like the Azzerello WW.

    This is good. Me thinks the ‘better’ WW is beginning to assert herself as the other writers catch on and say ‘Oh, that’s what Diana is really like’.

    It also makes me think that we dodged a bullet. Without the Azzerello Diana the JL#2 WW could have been the ‘proper’ WW. *Shudder*

    Yet to be sold on the new Cheetah but to be honest I’m now giving anything new to do with WW a lot more leash these days. I’m getting used to things not being the way I expected, being fretful for, oh about a month, and then being sceptical for a month, and then marvelling for another month about the fact that I’ve come to accept that this is probably a decent status quo.

    A magical brawler Cheetah who used to be best mates with Diana but now has Cheetpire abilities? You’ve got one month to make me sceptical, then another month to surprise me, then…

    And that whole Superkat thing – Batman so has a repellent spray for that. Just saying.

  20. I think the magic vulnerability thing is overplayed/misunderstood. I guess in the nu52, they can interpret it any way they want. But in the old days, a punch from Captain Marvel (Shazam) wouldn’t have had any more devastating effect on Superman than anybody else. Yeah, Cap’s abilities were the result of magic, but his powers weren’t magical per se. In the past, Cheetah’s powers were of a similar nature. She had physical abilities — derived from magic — and really, shouldn’t be any more of a threat to Superman than someone with similar abilitiies — not derived from magic.

  21. I love Tony’s art (and his writing wasnt to bad ether)… I wish he could stay on Justice League, but atleast he’ll be heading over to Action Comics!

  22. I wasnt expecting Daniels’ art to be this great, but it really was. I also think Johns is doing great things with the character interactions here. Loved both the Flash/Cyborg talk and the Wonder Woman/Supman talk, plus Steve has become a star in this book. Looking forward to more of him in JLA.

  23. This issue had the best Tony Daniel art I’ve seen since ‘Batman R.I.P’. It was strong, consistent and exciting throughout and was, for me, the major pull of the issue.

    The backup with Steve Trevor and Ollie Queen was good as well, especially since I don’t really like ‘New 52’ Green Arrow that much (I’m all about Denny O’Neill or Kevin Smith’s take on the character as an older, more rebellious figure). Plus, I miss Connor as GA (I’m a 90’s kid). Anyway, I really enjoyed this issue.

    I missed ‘Shazam’ though. Seriously, that backup rocks.

  24. Also – Can I just say that we really, really need a ‘Cyborg’ solo book in the next wave of the New 52? Its embarrassing that Vic doesn’t have his own ongoing and all the other ‘Leaguers’ do.

    It’d have to be pretty weird and wonderful and drawn by an artist who does good tech. I see it as being a sort of day glo fusion of Kirby dream machines and Saturday morning cartoon iconography. I’d buy it.

  25. I loved the backup story in this. Looking forward to Justice League of America now.

  26. I guess I’m a really sappy reader, because I really liked the dialogue in this story (aka the “will you be my friend?” issue). And, hey — was this some crazy good art from Tony Daniel?!? What’s up, Tony? You did good, bud. My eyes are dancing all over some beautifully rendered pages: both back- and foreground. Maybe Friend and Batt are some guys worth pairing up with? Because. this alliance of penciling and inking is *working*!

    Backup story was good, too…

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