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• Billy Batson takes center stage in this issue as he unleashes the awesome power of Shazam in a special origin story!

• Also featuring the not-to-be-missed origin of Pandora and the next seeds of TRINITY WAR!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank
Cover by Gary Frank
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 21.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Sweet! What a great treat!

  2. Finally a book where all the art is done by Gary Frank…. Thank you DC!!!:) Can’t wait for this!!

  3. Sha. ZAM. Can’t wait for this.

  4. Shazam is the shit. He really needs his own title.

  5. If Aquaman can become a big series again for DC, then why not do a Captain Marvel series?

    Johns and Frank on an ongoing would totally be a big seller.

    • Frank said he couldn’t do a monthly and where do you think Johns will have the time to do it. He will quit writing GL 3 months after he is dead and he is going to stay with JL and the new JLA for some time. He is mostlikely dropping Aquaman which will send him back to picking up Batman’s laundry. How sad that is.

    • It is a great idea but neither have the time so may as well just put him in the JL and leave it at that. My question is why has Cyborg not even been tried at having his own book? they talk about needing diversity but it is sad that he is the only member of the JL that has not had his own book yet in this New 52.

    mmmm would i be correct in guessing that is gonna be DC’s next event . Just jumped on after 16 years with the New 52, not sure i can handle a big event like that yet,the again i enjoyed Court/Night of the Owls. But its Big events that drove me out of comics..((looking at you Marvel with the X-men back in early to mid 90’s)
    ..not everything has to be a big event, You just pulled off a big event a year ago and it worked, it brought back readers like me. Just let everyone tell their stories for a few years and re-establish a true connection to the characters before heading into a big event when it will truly matters on what happens , who lives, who dies, etc, etc, etc.

    • Yes Trinity War is going to be a “big event” next summer. If you can pick up the free comic book day book that goes more into it but basically something bad is going to happen with Pandora’s Box. At least they are clearly building to it unlike AvX which was just pulled out of Marvel’s butts. Don’t get me wrong I am reading AvX and loving it but I wish they would have cared more to build the heat. I think you will be safe from big events at DC, but Marvel is almost constantly in a big event.

    • @emac: It will be over a year into the The New 52 before DC did their first big event, which, in comics these days, is a life time.

  7. Finally!!!

  8. Ugh, I got to my LCS twenty minutes after they opened, and they had already run out of copies! Hopefully I’ll be able to find this sooner rather than later.

  9. It’s time for Shazam to get his own monthly. Enough of this back up stuff.

  10. This was fun and enjoyable, but felt very slight storywise. I wish the story would have advanced further than it had. I know you always want to leave people wanting more, but I felt like this issue was could have used more action. Quite beautiful though.

  11. The “is there any way I can help you” scene had me burst out laughing, i love the whole “big” aspect to captain marvel. Fun issue

  12. Good issue. I’ve been hot and cold on Captain Marvel over the years. But the moment he turned and Johns just kept writing his dialog they way he has since issue one was the payoff for me. That’s how you write Captain Marvel. The kid-in-the-body-of-a-god aspect has always been the most interesting for me personally, so I’m really excited to see where this goes. Can’t wait for Black Adam.

    “I’m … I’m just some guy. An adult.”
    Heh. Good stuff.

  13. This was AMAZING! SHAZAM!

  14. Loved it. Stupid big grin on my face and that’s what the Big Cheese should do. So happy right now.

    It has been a good month for comics.

  15. Finally the pay-off on SHAZAM. Why is SHAZAM auto corrected to be all caps on my tablet? Also liked the intro for the Question. Pretty cool for me that they stuck with the Justice League title for this to maximize the eyes on. Is this going back to back-up status?

  16. I loved the redesign for the Wizard and Im looking forward to learning more potential back history with the Council of Eternity especially as it looks to have a huge bearing on the coming Trinity War. I enjoyed most of this story though the last couple pages with Billy and Freddy left me a bit cold.

  17. POTW! Loved the story, LOVED THE ART!!! Frank and Clarke…WOW!!!

    (the return of the Question is pretty awesome as well)

  18. “You are now the inheritor of my chair on the council of eternity”
    The first thing he does with his powers is smash the seat heeh

  19. Finally! It felt like it took forever to finally get to see SHAZAM! in action, but well worth the wait. Love the art, love Johns on the script. Overall a great read, and a great jumping on point for Captain Marvel fans. (got the feeling we will see a lot more of him come in the Trinity Wars, as he is probably the key to stopping the whole event)

  20. i wonder if the Riddler is pissed off that the Question ripped off his emblem? he may have just started some major shit with Edward. seems like they would be natural nemesi.

  21. Geoff Johns is one of the best writers working in comics today – FACT.
    Gary Frank is one of the best artists working in comics today – FACT.
    Captain Marvel (or ‘Shazam’ as they seem to be calling him these days) is one of the all time great superheroes – FACT.

    Therefore, it was impossible not to love this book.

    ‘Captain Marvel’ has been consistently underused by everyone that has published him over the years (which is pretty much everyone in comics) and I always felt that he deserved a lot better. Besides his brilliant appearance in Mark Waid & Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come’ (it makes me cry almost every time) and a miniseries by Jeff Smith (which I STILL haven’t read despite wanting to get it since it came out), the character has been largely absent in modern comics (unless I’ve missed something great – let me know if I have).

    I’m glad to see that his backstory has been weaved into the larger mythology of the DCU, making ‘Shazam’ an important part of DC’s future. The fact that he is really just a kid will lead to some really interesting interaction with the rest of the Justice League, a group he is bound to run into at some point.

    The kid that becomes a hero sums up everything that is magical and immersive about comics (for me at least), bringing back fond memories of imagining myself swinging around on Spider Man’s webs, having Wolverine’s claws or wielding Green Lantern’s power ring in my parent’s living room. Its all part of the fun and Johns doesn’t shy away from what someone on here (I can’t find the comment now) called “The ‘Big’ aspect’. Its that sense of fun and ‘anything goes’ that make superhero comics great, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to see where they go with the character.

    Also – Ethan Van Sciver on the backup? Dc were spoiling us with this one.

  22. Captain Marvel/Shazam needs his own title…………… SHAZAM!

  23. This issue felt a lot like Millar’s Superior mini-series. I know Superior drew inspiration from Shazam but this current incarnation of Billy Batson being so flawed and realistic reminds me a lot of Superior a while back. Not a complaint, I love both.

  24. I was not expecting the Shazam! solo story to be that good. There is a lot of mythos building here, a well as a few revelations. The art in the main feature as well as the backup was superb. Overall, a great book.

    Please check my mini-review of Justice League #0 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  25. Another awesome issue of Justice League. I would love to see Shazam in his own series. Not that I can afford anymore, but would still like to see it. 😉

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