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  1. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    Hey its that guy from checkmate and he’s writing a JSA mini?? SOLD!

  2. @TimmyWood: Yes!

    I posted about in the new comics newspost, as well as over at the BC foruns, but I urge everyone to check this out. Eric Trautmann is a great writer and an even better guy, and I trust that he’s going to weave an absolutely fantastic tale here. No one deserves the success more than he does. If you liked Checkmate, like the JSA, have a slow week, or you just want to read an excellent comic book, I’d highly recommend that you check this out. 

    Anyway, this is my most highly anticipated book for the week. 😀

  3. This looks pretty good.


  5. Hrmmm.. My JSA completist side is saying yes, my wallet and a heavy week are saying no.

  6. I have no idea who Kobra is, but I love the JSA and kwisdumb sold me becuase I am not familar with the writer either. I’ll pick this up though.

  7. I believe Kobra was in the last Rucka/Trautman arc of Checkmate.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  8. The KOBRA Face Of Evil book was good and I’ve been waiting for more, I’m glad the JSA is involed.

  9. I’ve dropped JSA, but this sounds really good. I like the art/writing team, I like the story idea & I like the idea of JSA story ending in 6 issues, after the 40 part Gog story. I also like beer, chips & boobs.

  10. @BrandonP – Good to hear. I’d love to hear what you think. 😀

  11. This was fun for the fact that I love the JSA characters, the story so far is so-so. Art was pretty good too, but I dont see why this couldnt have just been an arc in the regular JSA book.

  12. Guh I forgot to pick this one up! Damn. May nececitate a special trip to the store before next Wednesday.

  13. Loved it, but I expected as much.

    I’ll write a full review tomorrow.

  14. Went into this with low expectations, came out liking it a lot. It focused on two of my favorite JSAers, Mr. Terrific and Power Girl, so I was happy. This also flows very nicely out of Checkmate. Awesome book. 4/5. Though I am a little afraid there’s an under current of religion to this story and it will mean Trautman has Holt become religious. Most likely not, but that’s something I really would dislike seeing.

  15. This was very good stuff. If Willignham & Sturges dont work out I wouldn’t mind Trautmann taking over. And man was the art fantastic. Don Kramer is one the best artists in superhero comics that nobody seems to talk about.

  16. This read  like the Checkmate series

  17. Man why couldn’t Trautmann get the Checkmate gig instead of Jones?

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