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  1. Why isn’t this a regular issue of JSA?  I HATE when they do stuff like this.

  2. I love it. 

  3. If slapping Special #1 on a bunch of one-offs is the only way for us to get five straight weeks of JSA, then I’m all for it.

  4. Bingo.

  5. Agreed.  I demand more now that the bar has been set!  Which reminds me I really need to read the Superman one shot for this.

  6. I am afraid that if this were in standard JSA issues it would have to be stretched over two issues and it would cost us $6 instead of $4.  Uh oh, I am giving them ideas…this is how Kill Bill became two films.

    I have enjoyed the other two "Specials" and expect this one to be a step up (if only because it is Johns.)

  7. @stuclach Actually I thought the issue was the opposite for Kill Bill? "No one wants to watch a 4 hour Kung Fu film." That situation would be more like Grindhouse: "Well here’s something we marketed as one thing but when it came to DVD we sold as two to make more money." Aside from that, though, you’re right about how it would have turned out if it were in the regular issues. 

  8. So, the next JSA will follow directly from this one-shot? Even though I’m looking forward to reading it, I may be with Josh on this one.

  9. I’m with Josh. To give us most of the story in the regular JSA then drop these specials on us & jack the price is not cool at all. The story has already been going for seven years, how many issues & specials does it take to tell a story?

    And how much money do they need to try to bleed out of us Kingdom Come fans? Oh yeah … as much as they can.

  10. If these were in the regular issues of JSA, I’d get even angrier at this title. In the line of what Wade said above, this is just moving at such a slow pace. How can this thing be going on well over a year and we’re still not getting anywhere close to the end? I mean after this one-shot how much more do we have to go? 2, maybe 3, more issues?

    Just get it over with all ready and give me Black Adam damnit! >_<

  11. i hope this is better than last week’s magog issue.

    ultimately, as long as it’s good, i don’t care that it’s an "extra" issue.

  12. @PraxJarvin – We agree.  This issue is the opposite of Kill Bill.  I was saying that if they split it in the regular JSA book and charged us $3 twice it would be like Kill Bill.

  13. were was the magog special discussion on the podcast last week?

  14. that is to say "where"

  15. I enjoyed the Magog Issue, we finally got to know more about a character that until that issue I did not care about.  Now I’m interested.

  16. I loved the Magog special issue & the Superman one too. My only point is that it seems dishonest of DC to tell SO MUCH of the story in the regular JSA book, then switch it up with these expensive one-shots to get the full story. Maybe "dishonest" is the wrong word, but it does seem like a cheap used-car salesman type tactic.

    But, I loved both specials so far, so why am I complaining? 😛

  17. This may be a stupid question, but is Magog pronounced MUH-gog or MAY-gog?  Just curious.

  18. That was really, really, really good.

  19. @Kory: I read it MAH-gog.

  20. No, it’s my Gog.

  21. Spoilers

    "All of you.  On your knees.  Worship Me."  Who else wants to see Gog and Darkseid have a kickass quote-off?

    Damn good issue.  Some interesting storylines, but the best part of the issue (in my opinion) is the last page where you actually feel the shit hit the fan.  This is the JSA I have been missing for 6 months.

  22. @stuclach: That last line…..that just sounds wrong out of context 🙂

  23. @TheNextChampion – This time it actually is what she said.

    Seriously though, that line sent a chill up my spine when I read it.

  24. I think I’m reviewed-out, but this was good.  It really just whetted my appetite for the next one, though.  I want to know the specifics of what Sandman found out.

  25. The last page was just great, and as for the special issues these were way better done than any secret invasion/final crisis specials (not counting rouges revenge)

  26. This was really good.  The ending sold it for me as my POW.

  27. the art in this issue was FANTASTIC!!!! all the panels with Sandman were literally Stunning

  28. @GUILTRIDDEN – Loved the last page.



    Giant Gog face with that creepy smile, "Worship me."  Just perfect.

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