Loki on trial for high crimes against the nine realms!

Will the consequences of his grand scheme to save Asgard from Fear Itself finally destroy him?

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Whilce Portacio, Allen Martinez & Jeff Huett
Colors by Arif Prianto & John Rauch
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Stephanie Hans & Amanda Conner

Price: $2.99
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  1. This series seems to get put into the worst cover banners ever. That Shattered Heroes banner needs to go.

  2. I like that the first time we see the actual JIM logo it’s beneath a banner and partially obscured.

    I am SOOO excited for this. Li’l Loki’s continuing adventures WITHOUT a huge event dictating Gillen’s madness? Yes please!

  3. That’s a lot of artists…

    C’mon Marvel. Hook Gillen the fuck up. He’s taken a book about Kid Fucking Loki and made it rad. Give us a regular artist. (a good one too!)

    • Looks like we’re getting Richard Elson for a little while starting in January. Not sure if he’s an upgrade or not but Marvel did release a JIM 633 specific teaser with an awesome cover. Anybody seen his stuff?

  4. Doug Braithwaite’s never coming back is he?

    • He went to a great big field. A field where he and other artists can roam free and be happy. Maybe we’ll see him again some day…

    • Yes, we found a farm where there were other great artists he could play with! He just spends every day frolicking and running… Why is Kieron crying? Oh, he just so happy for Doug. Excuse me. I need a moment, myself. You know because of the joy. Not because anyone was put to sleep.

    • I get it. If you love an artist you should let him go. If he comes back to you then your love will be returned ten-fold and if he doesn’t he’s in an idyllic artists community in upstate New York playing shuffleboard.

  5. Easily my favorite Marvel book.

    • When Herc end this maybe my only Marvel book.

    • @bhannaoh … you should try uncanny xforce. That and this compete for my top spot.

    • @oops You ain’t lying.

    • I think I’m one of 5 people on the planet who doesn”t enjoy Uncanny X-Force and the only reason I can come up with is that I don’t really like the make-up of the team. That shouldn’t be enough should it?

    • What was the last issue you read? Any long time fan of x-anything owes it to his/herself to check out the 90’s AoA action in the dark angel saga. I’ll be honest I did get a tad bogged down in the dethlok arc, but my patience DEFINITELY payed off!

    • I read the much-vaunted first arc on Apocalypse. Deadpool annoyed the crap out of me, everyone else seemed kind of emo and I don’t think I found the idea of a child Apocalypse or the new horsemen nearly as clever as most other people. It might be the emo stuff that turned me off the most now that I think about it actually. Every other review I read basically said that was the pinnacle of the series so I figured if that didn’t do anything for me the rest certainly wouldn’t.

    • I would encourage you to give it another try on issue 10 or so.

    • Emo huh? Like goofy hair and whiny dumbed down wannabe punk? I don’t get it.

      Psylocke and Warren being cozy maybe? I mean, that’d make Clark and Lois and Pete and MJ emo too. Yea, I don’t think that’s right.

      The team being upset that they just murdered a child? I don’t recall emo being applied to child murder. Hmm… I’m at a loss.

      Oh shit, you said Deadpool was the one not being emo… yet he was the one most upset about murdering a child. Yeah, totally confused.

      Can Wolverine even be emo? He’s introspective as fuck, but don’t think emo will ever apply to Wolverine.

      As an old school punker that came up through a time when emo meant something completely different (and wasn’t an insult) and then slowly morphed into 13 year old boys crying and masturbating about 13 year old girls that don’t know their names, I’ve gotta say, I thought I had a good handle on that word, but it’s definition seems to have outgrown me.

    • I’m guessing the muted/gray color palette gave off the “emo” vibe, though if he did read the first arc like he claims, I don’t see how he could construe anything as emo.

    • @diebenny and blargo – You are correct. The term is misapplied. I also grew up with punk/hardcore and emo music is something different. In terms of comic culture however I thought I used it correctly.. Perhaps I was wrong. I often am. What I was trying to do was to draw attention to the fact that they kill people and then have trouble with the fact that they kill people and seem to spend a lot of time harping and brooding on that fact and then kill more people anyway. I found it tiresome and a lot of the reviews I read seemed to suggest this is the pattern that is repeated often. As for Deadpool I didn’t say he wasn’t emo. I said he was annoying. I appreciate that you guys are big fans but I’m not sure how anyone could’ve taken this as a personal dig even if I screwed up my use of language. The way I tried to frame it from the very first post was that I didn’t enjoy the characters and maybe I was wrong. @oops responded by suggesting I start again with issue #10. His suggestion was a good one and he didn’t need to resort to a lecture on the metaphysics of punk or an allegation about whether I actually read the series or not.

    • I never took it as a personal dig. People are allowed to dislike books I like. That’s fine by me. I was confused as to what you didn’t like about the book because I couldn’t read into what you meant by “emo.”

      You saying you don’t like killers brooding about killing makes more sense. I would never have thought that equates to them being emo in a thousand years. The term may vary well have outgrown my understanding of it, even though I have past experience with the description. If you can’t tell, I was very confused and was trying to understand. That’s my fault, not yours.

      You are correct though, they continue to be emo, so you probably won’t enjoy this book.

    • Sounds like the term “angst-filled” is more inline with your criticisms, but even then(don’t have the issues in front of me, so I can’t double check), I don’t recall there being much angst. Maybe between Warren and Betsy, but then again, if you’re trying to psychically contain a separate personality within you, you’re kinda given a free pass to be a little moody . And the tension over killing Kidpocalypse was perfectly justifiable imo. This overall tone is kept throughout the rest of the series, so maybe it isn’t for you. Understandable.

  6. JIM, Daredevil, USM, and Cap and Bucky have been my favorite marvel titles lately, hands down. The x-line of books have all been pretty darn solid lately too though.

  7. More people should be reading this.

  8. This book is poetry. I don’t mean that to sound hyperbolic, but I just noticed that there’s a bit of a rhyme scheme to the narration and dialogue.

    This book is unlike anything else I’m reading, and sometimes that puts me off, but for the most part it’s a weird and lovely ride. I’m in til Gillen’s off.

  9. The writing is good, but the art… Yikes. Here’s hoping it’s due to change soon.

  10. I agree that the art has been hurting this title. It’s been solid, don’t get me wrong, but some truly great art (as the title had with with braitwaithe) would really do justice to Gillen’s stellar writing on this title.

  11. Man, as a huge fan of Walt Simonson’s run on Thor that last panel gave me shivers.

    This book remains awesome. Portacio isn’t Braithwaite, but I think he’s starting to develop his own approach and I imagine the art will only improve the longer he stays on.

    Also, if Li’l Loki is my favourite character of the past year, then Gillen’s Mephisto is my second favourite.His one page in this issue was horrifically wonderful.

  12. Very well written, but Portacio’s rendering of kid loki is really inconsistent. Sometimes he doesn’t look like a kid at all.

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