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  1. Can’t wait for this! It’s gonna be so worth it.

  2. will this issue be a standalone story or start of an arc?

  3. I think it’s a done in one.  Cooke posted about this issue on his blog and it has some preview art.  There couldn’t be a better way for this series to hit 50 than with Cooke doing the issue.

  4. @mansuper: There have only been two (I think, maybe three) multi-issue arcs throughout the entire run of this book. You’ll be fine.

    @JMS74: You mean these pages? 🙂

  5. Man those preview pages are amazing. Darwyn has outdone himself.

  6. Good to see a substantial bump in pulls.

    I want this book to survive after the movie (or as long as it is good).

  7. I think I;m going to try getting into this comic again.  I couldn’t get into Six Gun War, but I love the idea of a one-shot-based ongoing, not to mention Darwyn Cooke.

  8. The last time Darwyn drew this, he added 100 extra pulls, and that was a long time ago when there were a lot fewer people registered. I expect him to add more this time.

  9. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    What was the last comic Darwyn did? The New Frontier Special?

  10. Dropped off with issue 37, looks like I might be coming back though.

  11. oh Ron…your looking at the pick of the week, lol

  12. @PymSlap: The Hunter.

  13. Darwyn has me ready to buy this book.

  14. I’ve actually added the series to my pull list with this issue.

  15. I know I’m in the minority here, but as much as I like Cooke’s art, I wasnt wild about the last issue he did. We shall see though.

  16. I was teetering on whether or not to drop Hex, but I love Cooke’s art and had forgotten his was on this book.  So it looks like I’ll be staying on a while longer.

  17. Woot, woot. Last issue I bought of Jonah was Darwyns issue.

  18. @Ruo  (or who ever knows and will answer)  What # was that?

  19. @Reform


  20. @conor HAHA.. yeah, those pages.  Looks like I need to add iFanboy to my RSS reader..

  21. five bucks says this’ll make pick of the week….

  22. darwyn coooke has me buying this even though i know nothing about this character, I just loved the preview pages

  23. @conor – thanks, i was wanting to find a good starting point for this series

  24. As a point of comparison, last month’s issue had 104 pulls.

  25. I look forward to Hex every month and I really can’t wait for this tomorrow.

  26. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Goddamn. For 4 bucks you get what feels like one of the best trades or graphic novels of the year. SO good! 

  27. I would have to agree with that.  I have never read anything remotely involving Jonah Hex and now I feel like I am perfectly well acquainted with the character

  28. Absolutely amazing. One of the best Hex stories yet, and a dark horse for best story of the year.

  29. This is the second issue of Hex that I’ve picked up. The first being Cooke’s first of course. I am ready for this creative team to hammer out a full blown OGN of Hex next time. Please.

  30. This might be my last issue of JH. Been reading it from the start, but after 50 issues, some great, mostly solid, I think I got all I need from the Hex.

  31. Fuck me, this issue was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I loved this, but not quite as much as Mr. Cooks 1st issue of Jonah Hex. I concider that issue the best single issue of any comic I have ever read. This is close though.


    Dumb noobie question. How do I actually make this my pick of the week. Am I missing something blatently obvious?



  33. Never mind. Just found it…not blatently obvious but I should have seen it.

  34. I thought this issue was perfect in every possible way. I loved the emotional contrast between the triumphant Jonah saying "Fifty," and the heartbreaking, kick-in-the-gut last page. That’s some good comics.

  35. My only problem with this issue is the Wiley Coyote style killing of the dude in the outhouse.

    That really took me out of the story early.

    Loved it otherwise.

  36. I had the same problems with this as the two issues I tried months ago: while I love the overall story, the experience of reading it feels like a chore.  I’ve never been a fan of dialogue being written with an accent (one of the reasons I wasn’t blown away by Preacher)  While I hav no regrets in buying this and gave it a 4/5, I don’t expect myself to pick up #51.

  37. a really good issue. I just pick this one up and i don’t think i’ll get the next one. This was enough for me

  38. Wow. Just wow.

  39. So, thinkin about buying this based on all the praise. I have no interest in getting into the series, nor have I read any previous Jonah Hex issues. But I like westerns, and I like art, and most importantly I like good stories.

    So with all that in mind, is this a good story to read? Does it end as a complete story, or does it end in a way that makes you need to buy the next issue.

  40. This is a pretty late comment, so I figure nobody will see it. The POW% for this right now is 48%. That can’t be right. I must’ve gotten a different issue than everybody else. It was 3/5 for me at best. Even Cooke’s art seemed a little off. It was a complete story in of itself so I guess that was nice, but it seems lacking considering all the glowing praise it is receiving on this site.

  41. After hearing the year end review, I had to pick this up.  Best comic of the year easily and I don’t read Hex.  Now I "get" Darwyn Cooke.  The colors were fantastic too.

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