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  1. I would really love to see more people reading this book.  It’s the best western/horror book going right now and blows everything else out of the water for being consistently good.  The best part is that every issue is a self contained story, so you feel like you are getting an awesome one-shot ever single month.

  2. I don’t really see any horror aspect in the book but then again I haven’t read all the issues of Hex.  I love it because it seems to me like a straight-up good old-fashioned western book.  It’s consistently entertaining and these one-in-done issues can be re-read time and time again.  Concerning this issue, I am glad that Jordi Bernet is doing the art; the art in the last issue wasn’t great.

  3. How much do you guys think the art affects this book?  ghostwriter brought up the last issue which was almost unreadable as I remember. Would any of you want a main artist on Jonah Hex?

  4. I would like a main artist, it does bother me that they change it so frequently.  It would be Awesome if they could snag Darwyn Cooke for more then one issue.

  5. To be honest, I really am not all that bothered with the rotating artists as long as the art is clear and the story-telling is discernible.  Of all the artists that were on the book, Luke Ross was my personal favorite and it would be great if he would just stay on the book.  At the very least, someone who could maintain a monthly schedule because I don’t recall this book ever being delayed. 

  6. YAY JONAH HEX!!!!

  7. second issue of jonah i’ve read and i gotta say i’m digging it.

    there’s no confusion to the character which really helps for me. and the atmosphere is quickly set with the art as well as the writing.

    i could see how the art duties changing would bug some people but so far i’m digging it.

    now i just gotta pony up the dough to get the trades. even thinking about getting the black and white collections of the old jonah comics.

  8. I love the rotating artists.  This is one of the books I never read about in Previews just so I can be surprised about the artist for the month.  I can’t say I can remember even one issue where i was dissapointed in the art, I have favorites, but none have been bad.  I love this book so, so much.

  9. I’m all for the rotating artists.

    That being said, this issue suffers BIG TIME from weird layouts and pacing.  The art is serviceable, though Jonah’s eye looks superhero-ish in a couple of the panels.

  10. I don’t mind the rotating artists, although, as previously mentioned, the art on the previous issue was not to my liking – I couldn’t figure out what was happening in several panels.

    That said, I really enjoy the done-in-one stories in this book.  I would love to see more of that in other books, but I think those days are over (understandably, given the market shift to the trade format).

    BTW if you like this current Hex series, I highly recommend the Showcase Jonah Hex volumes (I think vol. 2 may be out now).  I bought vol.1 and was very entertained.  I thought the art translated very well to B&W.  Good old down ‘n’ dirty western comics.

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