A NEW CHAPTER begins in the lives of the survivors of Project Next Men. New friends, new foes, and a tale that literally twists time itself out of joint. They said it would never happen, but it has! John Byrne has returned to his classic creation! This is where it STARTS, this is where you want to BE!

By John Byrne

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  1. Oh, you betcha!

  2. Most anticipated book of the season…

  3. Not sure about this.  I read the preview.  I had a 3-way reaction between “John Byrne!”, “Huh?”, & “meh.”

  4. i remember LOVING this series back in the day; so i am really looking forward to this.

  5. I really really liked this way back when. ’cause it was new, creative, innovative… something is telling me this will be none of those. We’ll see what they have to say about it on the podcast. 

  6. I heard a guy in my shop last week asking for this.  I didn’t realize John Byrne still had fans.  I’ve never read Next Men but will check it out in the store (if they have any on the rack).

  7. John used to be so good before he got to be so bad.  I pray that this book lets him return to the land of the living.  So I’m in.  But I share DenverDave’s worries.

  8. do you think John Byrne wrote the “BAAAAAAAAACK” in “THEY’RE BAAAAAAAAAAACK” ?

  9. I read this, (first book off my stack= most excited, it was first). LOVED seeing this team again. Loved the first 5 pages, and then the rest was all recap. It was kinda nice taking a stole down memory lane, but… i dunno. How many stars do I give it? 

  10. I thought the art looked fantastic…Byrne doesn’t have any new tricks but he is still master of his old ones.  It was more fun than I thought it would be to see the characters again.

    Yea, it was mostly recap, and one helluva confusing recap at that.

    BUT…I think centering the idea on “What is reality when you keep living dream lives?” could make for a very interesting central theme to the storyline.  Its funny to remember Byrne did this pre-Matrix (not that the concept was original to him either — just that this idea was also at the core of that series)

    I’m definitely on board for issue 2.  The character interactions (SLUT!) were really cool, people seemed disengenuous, emotional, and carnal…I’m happy Byrne is keeping with the more adult themes, as I think his more recent love affair with G rated and golden/silver age tropes was part of what made him irrelevant.

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