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Joe meets the Knights of the Hearth Castle – the last remnants of a kingdom standing guard against Death’s soldiers. And when they welcome Joe as the new hero and champion of their golden realm, will he be lured by the excitement of fame into the clutches of King Death?

Art and cover by SEAN MURPHY

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Love it!

  2. Sean Murphy’s art in this series is beyond amazing…I just stare at each page in astonishment.  I’ve been reading this monthly but I read in the latest Vertigo blog post that this is getting the deluxe hardcover treatment in the Spring…I’m tempted to purchase that as well just to have this art in larger higher quality pages in one volume for my book shelf. *drools*

  3. Awesome cover yet again!

  4. I really hope DC puts out an oversized HC. I’d totally buy one for myself and one for my nephew.

  5. Anybody know why this has a "For Mature Readers" label on it? There has been nothing in the story that you wouldn’t find in Tolkien’s The Hobbit or even a Harry Potter book.

  6. @WintheWonderBoy Simply ecause it’s put out by Vertigo.

  7. This has been fun but I feel like it could have been done in 6 or 7 issues. Its starting to feel a little drawn out.

  8. @PraxJarvin: Well, thats just silly.

  9. Last issue was the best since the first. Really great emotion throughout and the art by Murphy was outstanding.

    Let’s hope the excitement keeps going and this isn’t just another ‘issue’. 

  10. I’ve been trade waiting for this, but I think I might  have to do a random dip into this story with this issue and/or possibly #5 just to wet my appetite.

  11. I’m delightfully surprised this comes out pretty much on time (right?) with the superb art in this mini.

  12. This was a good issue, a solid 4.

    Nothing stood out though, unlike last issue which was a bunch in the gut. Not much else to say really… 

  13. I am so glad that I bought this series … wish I could remember if it was Conor, Josh or Ron who first recommended it. The artwork is always stunning and the story (IMO) always teeters between 4 & 5 stars. At the moment, I think I look forward to this book more than any other …

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