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Joe, Jack, Smoot and Zyxy plunge from the heights of Inventoria to the ruined Forest City of Yalway. But why is the shattered statue of the long-lost Iron Knight so familiar to Joe? How can the prophecy of the Dying Boy bring this once powerful kingdom back to its former glory? And what unknown, terrible creature from the Outer Darkness has King Death sent forth to do his terrible bidding? Is this the end for one of the companions?

Art and cover by SEAN MURPHY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m very excited about this one.

  2. Solicit reads like a lot of fantasy nonsense.

    Must be fun to write this stuff.

  3. More fantasy goodness.

  4. This is the one book I am most excited about this week. And to think, I almost dropped it before the last issuse.

  5. I keep almost dropping this book, which hasn’t truly grabbed me since the excellent first issue, but it always seems to be in my stack by the time I leave the store.

  6. Sean Murphy is, out of this world, good. 

  7. @ibagree – that’s what happened to me last month and I ended up loving the issue.

  8. Why does this have a "For Mature Readers" label on it. I would hate to think a ten year old countnt go into a store and get this great story cuz of it.

  9. I didn’t jump on this simply because I wasn’t in the mood at the time of issue #1.  Still haven’t read any, but I have a feeling I’ll look into getting the trade.

  10. JESUS, this is fucking awful in issues. be honest

  11. nope it’s fantastic in issues

  12. Awesome in issues.

  13. Nah. i’m right… again. sorry everyone

  14. @AmirCat – Same here. I feel like I’d enjoy the pacing of the story more in trade format, but I can never pass up the Sean Murphy art.

  15. @ibagree – with you 100%.  for me the story really doesn’t do all that much.  its not bad, just not terribly interesting…but i cant help wanting to see what morrison gives murphy to draw next and i keep hoping there is some kind of written payoff at the end.  so i guess im going to gut it out.  i have similar feelings about demo – great art, story is hit or miss.

  16. Last issue ended really good and finally really got me into the story, I hope this is even better.

  17. @edward-would you recommend trade instead?

  18. YUP. I’m buying the individual issues now but i didn’t read the last issue and proberly wont  read the rest of them until i have the whole series.

    Individually, they read far too quickly but i get the feeling teh whole story will be very entertaining

  19. The best issue of this story so far.

    Fantastic art by Murphy, really some of his best stuff here. The moment when the Dog comes into the picture, that’s when this issue got me. Morrison wrote a pretty depressing end for Jack and the scene with Joe on the phone was really sad. I was a bit worried about following this in issues. Cause like a lot of you, I was getting a bit frustrated with this. However, this was a fantastic issue and I’m reminded why waiting for trade was a bad idea. Great stuff. 

  20. What Champ said. Best issue yet.

  21. Great issue. Murphy was the star this issue! 5/5 

  22. yeah, what they all said.  Murphy was powerful in this issue.  Toward the end I was starting to fear what would happen if I turned the page.  Emotional stuff, all made real thanks to Mr. Murphy.

  23. Excellent.

  24. I love how the whole thing with the dog was basically pulled from Lord of the rings.l

  25. Does that mean Jack is still alive?  Because I want Jack to still be alive.

  26. @DarthDuck – He looked intact when the dog released him. And he’s on the covers to come.

  27. This was really the first issue where the story lived up to the art for me.  Very, very good and my POTW albeit in a very light week.

  28. The part with Jack and the pit bull had me near tears and flipping the pages furiosly to see what happens. Plus Murphy’s art is GORGEOUS!!! I’ve loved every issue of this book.

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