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  1. Great marketing move by Mark Waid & the guys at Boom. Great title.

  2. hmm maybe I’ll pick this up

  3. don’t mention the art

  4. I wish this came out last week. I would’ve bought it without a 2nd guess with my LCS having a sale.

  5. @BigE Totally agree with you.  Hearing about the series made me want to start picking it up in trade and with the 99 cent next issue I’ll probably hop straight into collecting it in issues right away.

  6. Looking forward to it.

  7. I might jump on. Nice job with the 99cent issue

  8. I seem to be trying this too.  I’m a trying fool this week.

  9. i got issue one and LOVED it. Decided to follow in trade, but i really might need to start following in issues.

  10. Ya i’ve had problems getting my hands on the issues so im going to leave now and buy this then follow in issues.

  11. hadn’t read this series yet. just finished up w/ this trade and issue #5. Great story so far, and you can’t beat 5 issues for 11 bucks

  12. im gonna pick this up this weekend. my freinds keep telling me to read this and now with a trade and the newest issue out for about ten bucks its one hell of a deal. who ever thought this up is a marketing genius

  13. My LCS owner put this in my box. Guess I’ll take it home next week.

    I’ve been enjoying the Mighty, which is turning into a similar type of story. Mark Waid doesn’t hurt either. 

  14. I enjoyed this, but not nearly as much as I had hoped I would given all the positive comments I’ve heard about it.  I don’t feel it is all that similar to The Mighty.  The Mighty is a suspense book, this is a supervillain book (in my opinion).

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