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Can the Plutonian, seemingly IRREDEEMABLE, find his salvation? What is the true definition of a hero? And can a world, ravaged by loss and carnage, ever believe in such an idea again?

The stunning, breathtaking conclusion to Mark Waid’s Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated superhero saga.


Story by Mark Waid
Art by Diego Barreto
Colors by Nolan Woodard
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky & Matteo Scalera

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I hope this is great. The first 20 something issues were amazing. The last dozen, not so much. It would be nice to end on a high note.

    • it should best power themed comicbook sad it ended

    • I don’t know about the, “last dozen not so much” comment being totally true. How about the tortured mother part where she continues to Tony? That made my jaw drop to the ground it was so twisted!

    • @markavo: Yeah I don’t agree that only the first 30 issues were good. There was a dip in the middle but it’s been great again for a while.

  2. Qubit redeems the Irredeemable.

  3. Genuinely sad this book is finishing up, though it’s nice to get a complete story. Now people won’t know what my “Mark Waid is Evil” shirt is about.

    Also, I don’t own that shirt.

  4. I’m ready to see this end.

    As has been said, the first 20 or so issues were AMAZING! but the last year or so has really dragged.

    I hope the ending is as strong as the beginning was.

  5. Just caught up and bought all the issues i was behind on digitally. Have to say reading the last 7 (plus 2 incorruptable issues) in a row have made me pumped for the final issue!

  6. Great ending.

  7. I recently got the first 3 Trades & loved everything about them, so shame it has ended but I’ll continue with the Trades!

  8. I don’t think this series finished so much as “stopped.” Mark Waid seemed to lose the thread of the story towards the end of the alien jail sequence, and his goofy space parents were a blind alley in conclusion, a means to an end. We still don’t know what Tony was, after all this.

    • Very valid points. I do feel that some of the plots could be explored more (tony’s parents, the eden seeds, etc.) But knowing what Mark said a few weeks ago that he felt that he should end this series really made sense now. I think that little bit of Qubit exposition in the end summed up what Tony was to all of us and in my interpretation, tony is a beacon of light even if he became a force of evil. All tony wanted was to be remembered for his contributions and he got that. At least thats what i felt.

  9. “Are you really willing to gamble your LIFE that you’re smarter than I am?”


    RIP Irredeemable.

  10. I feel like the ending went very meta on us. It was a nice touch with the whole theme of the super hero as an idea. Amazing series and an amazing ending. I hope the end up collecting the entire story into a nice hardback.

  11. In the end, I looked at my 37 issues and threw them all in the recycle bin. I can’t imagine ever wanting to re-read this. Really, do you recommend this collected? Not me.

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