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  1. I wasn’t too impressed with the first issue, but it’s a slow week.  I guess I’ll pick this up to give it another shot now that I know what to expect.

  2. @ Slockhart . Have to agree. After all the hype, I thought it was just ok. Hopefully it does pickup a bit here.

  3. I liked the first issue, it set the premise as to what to expect. I’m definiitely looking forward to issue two.

  4. first issues very seldomly knock my socks off.  it usually takes about 3 or 4 to get me roped in if it’s any good.  i liked #1 and i really like the concept of this, so i’m definitely willing to go a few months with it.

  5. I loved the first issue. I’m really hoping he focuses more on character stuff with this one. He got my attention with the crazy violence, now show me why that had to happen here.

  6. if the art wasn’t shithouse, (i don’t mean it’s has to be  brillant, just not completely SHITHOUSE) this would be a much more enjoyable read.

  7. Shithouse? Really? I loved the art last issue. It’s what helped me actually feel for characters I had never met before.

  8. completely shithouse. i’m digging it but when i look at those shitty pages it turns me off. who know the quality may improve with this issue

  9. Edward,

    I’ll try to do a bit better for you, eh?

    Actually, it has taken a bit to get up to full speed.  Stick around, it does improve.


  10. ha ha. whoops.

     Peter, the first issue didn’t do it for me. Honestly i thought it wasn’t good. If the art improves, it is only the second issue so there’s every chance of that, i’ll be the first to say.

    sorry, mate, no offence

  11. Edward,

    No offense taken.  I’m my own toughest critic, so I’m never really pleased with my art.

    I think you’ll see some improvement in #2, and even more in #3.  Man, we have some fun-looking characters we introduce in #3.

    I’m working on #4 now, and….well, you’ll just have to follow along…..


  12. It’s great that Peter Krause is posting here and interacting with fans and addressing criticism. Kudos to you, sir!

    I loved both the art and the writing in the first issue, so I’m definitely on board for this.

  13. @Peterkrause: Wow, I hope I don’t sound like too much of a (i)fanboy, but if you can improve on what I thought was a great first issue, then I really can’t wait to see what’s next. This series has excellence written all over it.

  14. Thanks guys!

    Glad you’re enjoying the book.  We’ll do all we can to make it worth your while!



  15. I don’t want to sound like too much of an (i)fanboy either, but Mr. Krause, I’ve read through the first issue like three times since I bought it, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!! I’m totally digging both the incredible writing and the fantastic art, and truth be told I haven’t been this excited about a non-Marvel or DC superhero mythos in a long time; not since "Astro City"!


    The only nearly "IRREDEEMABLE" thing to do tomorrow would be to pass up the chance to pick up what’ sure to be an awesome series! lol

  16. Hopefully edward learned a lesson about thoughtful criticism.

  17. yes. i feel very sheepish. sorry, pete

  18. Hey…don’t feel bad!

    I’m just gonna rise to the challenge of winning you over, Edward.

    And ShonenRafa77, thanks for the compliments.  I really love the characters–Mark has done a great job making them distinct personalities.  And don’t forget the great coloring we’re getting from Andrew Dalhouse.  He has gone above and beyond to make the book look good!

    I also want to thank all the fans about the buzz for the book.  I got an email last night from Mark, and sales went UP from issue #2 to #3.  Woot! 

    Back to the drawing board! 

  19. Aaaaaand dropped.

  20. Thanks for giving us a chance, Slockhart.

    We’ll be around if you want to pick us up in the future.


  21. Loved this issue.  Really enjoyed the reveal at the end of it.

     Also, does any one know what the heck was going on in that preview in the back?  The art was pretty but boy I was lost.

  22. Great issue.  Definitely improved from issue #1.   I’m more interested in the story now.

  23. Spoons and WetWork,

    Glad you both enjoyed it!

    I’ll be very interested in what you think of issue #3.  It starts with a bit of a shock….


  24. Wow Peter is getting beaten up like how Rocky beat’s his meat…..(note to self, listen to yourself before talking)

  25. Oh the irony…

  26. I liked the first issue and I think #2 is an improvement, both writing and story.  We’re given a little bit of back story on who the Plutonian was and hints at what may have changed him, while we follow his former superhero teammates who are trying to figure out how to stop him.  Scene w/ Plutonian and the satellite was awesome.  I absolutely love the art; there is something classic about it that I don’t get in anything else I buy.  And the art did improve from issue 1 to 2.  Characters became less stiff.  I notice how the flashbacks are bright w/o borders and the present scenes are dark.  Really sets the mood.  For some reason, I like looking at the flashback pages more.

  27. This was a great issue, better than the first one, and I loved that one too.  It was a fun read cover to cover. This is a great book from a great company.  Boom! is quickly becoming one where I want to check out almost every new book they bring out (now…if only I could get my wallet to agree).

    @Peterkrause – I am loving your art in this.  Keep up the great work.

    @wayne2001bc – Yeah, I love how the colouring and borders change from past to present, one of those great little touches that I didn’t notice at first, but once I did it really brings a lot to the book. 

  28. TheNextChampion,

    How am I supposed to respond to that?  lol!

    Wayne2001bc and DMaggot,

    Glad you enjoyed the issue.  Personally, I think it’s in issue #3 that I really get comfortable with the art, so I’ll be checking in on how you like that one.


  29. ok now im hooked thought the last isue was ok but this was amazing . i loved when he went ape shit over his secret being revealed, i thought he was going to go ike and tina on the girl.    p.s i dont see what the problem with the art is. its better than most of the stuff this week

  30. This issue, to an even greater extent than the first one, really managed to disturb me. I don’t mean over-the-top "I can’t even think straight I’m so freaked out" disturbed, but truly, something about seeing such a well-realized Superman-archetype react with such hostility to the general populace really gets to me. The way the Lois/Clark scenario is turned on its head here is really very horrificfying.

    The "YOU IDIOTS…" panel in this second issue, especially, literally made my jaw drop.

    Mr. Krause another great issue! Again I hope I do not sound like I’m just gushing but I truly am very much digging the art here! Kudos to the wonderful work on Mr. Dalhouse too; y’all are a great team! I was so impressed with the content of this issue that I had my girlfriend read it with me the second time and all she could say was "Whoa. That was INTENSE.", especially in reference to the Alana flashback. 

    Thanks again for having the humility to respond to and interact with us here on this site!


  31. Great issue, I haven’t finished all of my books, but it’s in strong running for POW.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  32. Pick of the week for me. 😀

  33. Rafael and kwisdumb,

    Thanks for the kind words.  This has really been a dream assignment for me, and it’s great to be working with Mark and Andrew (and our editor Matt Gagnon).

    Today, a lot of work–double page spread for an upcoming issue.


  34. my opinion of the art remains the same

  35. Edward,

    I’ll keep trying!


  36. I like the art, in fact, reminds me of Brent Anderson over on Astro City.  Clean, and never any confusion about the storytelling.  In fact, this series has a lot of Astro City overtones.  For example, its the sort of story that is hard to do at DC or Marvel, as it is a universe changer.  And like Astro City, its fun to match the hero archetypes.

    Kaidan’s costume was great.  Alana Patel’s story was surprising.  My favorite panels were the cheesy ones where Plutonian saves the dog and then is in the arms of Patel with the leering Modeus posing with his jewel.

  37. Thanks Urthona!

    I just got back from a late show of Star Trek and it ROCKED!



    <awkward silence>

    Ha ha only kidding Peterkrause, I’m going tomorrow.

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