The Armored Avenger’s second on-going series kicks off with a bang as the WAR OF THE IRON MEN begins here! Tony Stark’s worst fears are realized when stolen Iron Man technology is used for ethnic cleansing in a civil war-ravaged land. When he defies U.S. government orders to confront the armored assassins himself, Stark sets off an international conflagration that threatens his friends, his company, and his very life — and sets him on a collision course with China and Russia, and their champions, Radioactive Man, Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo! Guest-stars galore! And a shocking last page reveal of the classic Shell-head villain behind it all you won’t want to miss!

WRITER: Fred Van Lente
PENCILS: Steve Kurth
COVER BY: Francis Tsai

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. I dont know if I want to get this…kinda seems like a rehash

  2. Is this 616?

  3. The tone of the preview doesnt feel like the 616, but I cant seem to find a definitve answer to where it is set.

    If this is movie based I dont want it

  4. I’m getting it because Van Lente has been kicking so much ass lately, but I’m in the same boat.  I don’t want to be buying a movie tie in.  Heres to hopin’ this is good and firmly 616.

  5. My understanding is that this is 616….but I can’t seem to find what it was I read that made me think that…..

  6. I’m picking this up for Van Lente and Kurth is a great artist. Hopefully it will kick my ass.

  7. Just listened to a phone message from Van Lente on  It happens in the 616, just in the past at different points in continuity.  

    If this gets good reviews, I will pick it up in trade, but right now not so pressing.

  8. I read it and didn’t find it great. It’s good. I like the whole corporate angle he’s giving Stark but this book did not personally turn my crank.

  9. This was good – I love the way Van Lente writes – but I just wasn’t grabbed by it. I might check out a collected edition as it might be fun to put some "classic-style" Iron Man stories on my bookshelf. 3/5 for me. 

  10. I liked this a lot, but didn’t love it. 4/5 I will continue to read it.

  11. Oh, and what’s with the reprint in this? Screw that, man. Marvel’s not scoring any points with me lately.

  12. Why aren’t Iron Man comics nearly as fun as the Iron Man movie?  Or the Iron Man 2 trailer, for that matter?  They’ve got a long way to go to get any crossover appeal from the movies.

  13. I find the main title to be really cool.

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