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  1. And thus concludes the first series I ever collected.

  2. Two comments:

    1. Finally, I don’t feel the need to read multiple Iron Man books.

    2. No chance in heck that I start reading a War Machine monthly (nothing against Rhodes – I just see him as a complementary rather than leading character).

  3. I’m excited. I think Rhodey is a more interesting character in a lot of ways and I’m glad he’s getting another series. His last one was really good.



  4. I read the War Machine trade recently again (the one that introduces the armor) and I forgot how great Rodney is as a character. Granted I havent read this final arc, I am looking forward to the new series that is coming up. Hopefully it’s a better title then this Iron Man series.

  5. Marvel’s done a decent job of branding Iron Man titles with the consistent use of "iconic pose" covers.

    I’m disapointed they’ve dropped the habit of doing so for Invincible IM. 🙁

  6. I’m not a huge Rhodey fan, but when I saw Greg Pak was writing the new series, I figured I would at least give it a try. 

  7. @TheNextChampion – How much of this series did you read, man? It outright ruled, especially the 8-part  arc that brought back the Mandarin. Great times for any real fan of Iron Man.

  8. @J4K3: Well it’s only that trade I read so far, I’ve been trying to find back issues or old trades with more Rodney and War Machine…No luck so far.

    It cant be that hard to write a War Machine comic though. It is just Iron Man with a black armor instead of gold/red combo.

  9. The previous War Machine series was excellent, but it is hard to find. I managed to find almost the entire run at a local shop. If anyone wants to read it, BitTorrent is your best bet.

    And writing Stark and writing Rhodes are *not* the same thing.


  10. Gage is not my cup of tea.  Pass.

  11. I’m a big Rhodey fan, so I’m looking forward to the ongoing. These past few issues were mediocre in my book, though it was nice to see Rhodey back in the spotlight and not relegated to weird side-player he was in Avengers: Initiative. Though I don’t like how he’s suddenly become the Marvel version of Cyborg.

    This is also the end of, what I consider, a fairly mediocre run of Iron Man. While what the Knauf’s did was interesting and a decent story, it just felt really dragged out. But alas. It was still nice to see some "adult" stories for Iron Man. That said, I am really enjoying Invincible Iron Man. Over all, Roll on more Rhodey!

  12. These past two arcs have been pretty sad. The Moore 4 parter was pretty tepid and this one just made me feel like I was dumber for reading it. The Ellis/Knauf part of the run was pretty good to great imho. I hope they get on some sort of other large scale book soon. I might give their Eternals a shot, but eh.

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