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• Many years ago, Howard and Maria Stark had a baby. There’s something you don’t know.

• Learn the truth about Las Vegas and Area 51 as the two great myths of Nevada collide.

• Meanwhile, in a distant galaxy, Tony Stark screams!

• The story that will shake Iron Man to his very core starts here!!!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Dale Eaglesham
Cover by Greg Land

Price: $3.99
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  1. OK, so, I read the previous issue and was a bit confused about this 451 character. Should I know who this is? Was he introduced in the earlier issues? Is he an old character, something new? Just curious.

    Honestly, wasn’t blown way by the last issue, so, I doubt I’ll pick up this one. Still, it was nice to see Death’s Head again.

    • Introduced in earlier issues of the run- he’s basically a robot guy that you think is pretty innocent, but then turns out to be the planner behind the massive genocide that predicates issue 8 or 9.

  2. Since I didn’t read anything before the 9th issue, I too was confused on what was happening. Re-reading it later I enjoyed it a bit more and Death Head is a good character. But with ties to the GOTG series I was totally lost on what happened. I have a feeling though from here on out we shouldn’t be scratching our heads in the tie-ins to other stories in other titles.

    • Well, I’ve been reading Guardians of the Galaxy and I still didn’t understand what was going on — maybe this story spills out of an issue that hasn’t been published yet? It’s too bad, as I normally enjoy Gillen’s writing a lot . . .

  3. For all those wondering, 451 was introduced in the last storyline, Godkiller. Tony was put on trial in space for killing the Phoenix by a race of aliens that worshiped it, and 451 served a bit like a lawyer/consultant for him. He’s a recorder who is trying to catalog information, that type of thing. 451 eventually ended up stealing something from the race, causing them to get destroyed by Celestials.

  4. There’s enough info in 10 to easily jump in and I only hopped on at issue 9. On top of that, issue 10 was a ton of fun.

  5. I just don’t care. Nothing about this excited me and this is probably the weakest thing by Kieron Gillen I’ve ever read. Even with a casino heist involving aliens couldn’t get me motivated. That and Eaglesham’s art is way too stiff and so unlike him. I think the colors, who has been mostly Land’s colorist the entire time (a red flag there), might be the culprit. Sorry folks but I am out.


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