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• Tony Stark-Iron Man: Technological visionary, wealthy playboy, unparalleled engineer, and armored Avenger.

• His greatest invention becomes his greatest mistake. Iron Man must act fast…and Tony Stark must build faster! The lethal techno virus Extremis is out in the wild and out for grabs to the highest bidder!

• It’s up to Tony Stark to contain it and that means creating a new suit of armor…NOW!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Never liked an iron man comic and with this creative team it looks like I never will.

  2. Marvel, please stop giving Greg Land work. That is all.

  3. I’ll take him over larocca, sweet armor though

  4. I keep hearing rumors that Land isn’t really much of an artist and traces other drawings…. is this true?

  5. I wish this book had a different artist…

    • Will the artist stop you from getting the book or will you suffer through art you don’t like for the story?

    • I can’t read a book with art I hate; it’s too intrinsic to comic book storytelling.

    • Fair enough. I usually agree with you on this issue, but I occasionally make an exception. I actually have never read a book with Greg Land art, so I don’t have the hatred for him a lot of people seem to have. This will be my first exposure to his work.

    • I really want to buy this book, but I made a pledge not to buy another Greg Land book, even if it’s Gillen writing it.

    • Land traces, that makes him not a good artist, but it doesn’t make his art ugly. I don’t get how people can have such a visceral reaction to his stuff. It looks like generic comic book art to me. It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy other stuff by the artist but it doesn’t take me out of the story either. The art has to be way way uglier to make me not like a book despite the author, Captain Marvel ugly.

    • I think his work becomes uglier when you know he has, or may have traced it.

      You are right it is fairly generic, but it can also be very static and boring. I always feel like, if you are going to trace, at least do it well, from good source material. Not pornos and stock images. I feel like I have seen so many images of his where he has traced a generic picture of a smiling face, for a panel which has that face talking. It’s jarring and is just poor story telling.

      So anyway, even if you pretend his artwork is all originated in his own head, or at least modified from a relevant source, it looks crap. When you know it could be copied, it then becomes the cheapest most shitty piece of non-art, that you just paid good money for.

      I would like to check out Gillen on Ironman, but I refuse to touch any book with Greg Land. As said above, Marvel will continue to give him work until people stop buying, so I have stopped.

    • Gets my blood boiling as I have always followed Gillen’s work from Phonogram to JiM. But having picked up Uncanny X-men #6 with knocked out porno face storm and Betsy I decided to give anything by Land a miss. Gutted to miss out on Ironman written by Gillen but until they change the artist I won’t pick it up, I wouldn’t even read it if someone bought it for me, you couldn’t even pay me to look at it.

  6. Kieron Gillen has earned the benefit of my doubt after his transcendent run on JiM. Looking forward to this.

    And guys, isn’t it easier to just ignore Greg Land than to actively post about how bad he is?

  7. Iron Man is my favorite super hero and I have been reading his comic for thirty years, so I am definitely on board for this one. This team is following one of the best Iron Man runs of all time, so I am very interested to see how they try to follow that act.

  8. I’ve never hated on Land as much as a lot of the people on iFanboy. ‘Hated’ may not be the best term, enjoying a person’s art is a fairly subjective thing, but you get what I mean. That said, I have to say that I liked the preview art I saw. The armor is looking pretty sweet. I could never get into Larocca on Iron Man before despite wanting to read an Iron Man title, so I have some hopes for this book. I think I can get past the Land art if the story is even remotely interesting where I didn’t much care for the storyline or the art in the old book.

  9. Ugh Land and double shipping kill this book for me. Really wanted to read Iron Man too, especially with Gillen

  10. I’m curious to give this a try, but double shipping at $3.99 pretty much kills it for me, unless I read outstanding things about it. Oh well, frees up money for giving Shadowman a try this week instead . . .

  11. I already spend a budget of about 40 dollars a month on comics, so double shipping may hurt considering all the new titles coming out I want to try…but, then again, I can just cut back on the occasional TPB splurge I suppose.

  12. I don’t dislike Land. His work is just… Bland. But while I definitely don’t love his work i do think that his storytelling is solid and his books read extremely smoothly.

    That said, the writing would have to be damned good for me to be EXCITED to pick up one of his books.

    I do prefer him on a tech-based book like Iron Man than Uncanny X-Men though.

  13. Odd how Iron Man went from having an artist who’s style is based in hyper-realism to an artist who’s style is based in hyper-realism x10000000000000000000000000.

  14. Salvador Laroca traced over copyrighted images too, so I don’t see what has changed. Kieron Gillen on the other hand is a better writer than Fraction.

  15. I am on the fence about this series. Won’t be picking up this issue until the weekend. Might not pick it up at all actually if I don’t start hearing some good hype about it here on ifanboy.

  16. Wow, this issue is rated LOW. I will be interested to see how these double shipping Marvel Now books rate on here. For that kind of money they better be good.

  17. Oh my god.. the facial expressions.. it’s like a joker gas bomb went off in the middle of this book.

    This may have to be an ironic pick of the week.

  18. Really solid first issue, it’s mostly set up, but I’m now very excited for what it’s setting up. Kieron Gillen is an amazing writer, more than worth dealing with the average art for Gillen’s writing. I think has a good handle on Stark’s voice early on. And as much as I don’t like Land, or the way he draws people, he draws a pretty good Iron Man.

  19. BTW, I noticed the cover and interior page quality is better on this and Deadpool than on a standard Marvel book. Anyone know if this is just for the first issues or will it continue for all NOW books?

  20. Gave this a shot. It was ok. I haven’t been reading Iron Man and I wasn’t lost at all. I forgot it was Land who is so notorious for tracing but I still thought the art was on the good not great end of the generic comic art spectrum. I’ll give this series another shot because I thought it was all a good enough use of my time. Good enough doesn’t stay on my pull list long, though.

  21. I open the book and see the first two pages when Tony is in the armor and I thought to myself, I’m loving this. I’ve read the complains about Land, but I thought if he draws like that, there is no problem…Well, then I turned the page and it showed Tony out of the armor, and his face looked fucking weird. After reading Fraction and Larroca’s run for so long, I grew accustomed to the characters and how they looked. Pepper Potts did not like Pepper Potts.

    The story was okay, if not a little boring. I do like the way Land draws the women, but what the fuck’s up with all the constant smiling? Besides the way Tony and Pepper look, I did not mind the art, for the most part. However, when you do not like the way the protagonist of a series looks or the second most important character…well, needless to say that’s a problem.

    After reading Iron Man for a little more than 4 years…I think it’s time to take a break for a little while.

  22. Love the set up, love the characterizations, love the armor, and I even liked the art.

    This is how you write an accessable, exciting 1st issue. POTW.

  23. Ok so I love Iron Man, I sometimes enjoy Kieron Gillen, and I dislike Greg Land. This was a last minute digital purchase for me. The good is that it’s very accessible, the writing is pretty good, characters seem to be on the mark for the most part, and story was alright. The art is well…..not the worst greg land I’ve seen, that said however is like saying well that’s not the worst time I was kicked in the nuts. Overall 3/5. Not bad but won’t be back for issue 2.

  24. I swear I went into this with an open mind 😀 , but the art is still distractingly terrible 😀 .




    (hey I’m Greg Land! 😀 )

  25. I admire their bold choice to make Tony Stark a Samoan-American. This demographic is very underrepresented in mainstream comics.

  26. I bought this book not realizing Greg Land was doing the art, then I opened it up and said “oh, son of a…” Needless to say, I will not be picking up any more of this title until he’s been replaced.

  27. Which of the Baldwin brothers is it that Tony looks like in the early pages? I get them all confused.

  28. Whoa, Greg Land on a book that will be double shipping? That sucker is going to start to look like Dinosaur Comics after a few issues.

  29. As someone who has never really read an Iron Man comic, I liked it. Now the art was good in spots and awful in others however I loved the story. I don’t know if I will keep reading it or not if the other NOW titles I’m going to try are as good or better story wise this will get the axe.

  30. I’ve only looked at the previews, won’t be picking this up because of the art. To me the panels of Tony in the suit look as if Land traced screen shots from the iron man and avengers movies. The women look like models traced and Tony looks like he had a botched facelift and spray on tan.

  31. Wasnt a bad issue, but wasnt great, I’ll get the ext issue or two and give it a chance still

  32. Couldn’t agree more with those people slating Lands art. Not since Rag Morales work on Action Comics have I been more put off a book cause of the art. And double shipping is not good.

  33. I have a rule – in order to buy a comic I need two out of three for artist, writer and character/concept

    I knew this was a long shot for me as I am not a huge Iron Man fan and I loathe Greg Land. I gave it a shot though based on how much I loved Gillen’s recent work in Uncanny and JIM.

    Guess what? I should have stuck to my system. This was poor

  34. I literally could not finish this. The V for Vendetta faces on every male character was beyond disturbing. I didn’t know what the Greg Land hate was all about, but a few pages was all it took for me to figure it out. The first bad panel was when Iron Man was above the city with the sky setting. That was a blatant photo that was colored over. I thought, “Ok. I can live with that because it looks cool.” The faces were just way too much for me to stomach though. I rarely, if ever give 1/5. They are reserved for books that I couldn’t finish. After 4 legitimate tries, I gave up. And I feel like a dummy for trying it. That’s the last spur of the moment Marvel Now book I’ll be buying.

  35. First off getting through this book was like pulling teeth for me, I just wanted to stop after each page. Secondly, What the hell is the point and changing “shell heads” classic colors, seemed unnecessary. But then again, most of this Marvel NOW seems unnecessary.

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