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The one true Dark Phoenix returns to the Marvel U with a vengeance! As the earth is destroyed, Iron Man is swept into the time-stream where the only chance for survival is to gather the greatest heroes from across the eras and change the course of history! The Avengers, Fantastic Four, the X-Men and more will join Iron Man for this trip through all the ages of Marvel!

Rising stars Rob Williams (DARK WOLVERINE) and Rebekah Issacs (MS. MARVEL) team up for the century-spanning epic that takes you through the Marvel Universe’s greatest moments…and maybe to its last!

Story by Rob Williams
Art by Rebekah Isaacs
Colors by Andres Mossa
Cover by Ariel Olivetti & Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time because…seriously…what the hell is this?

  2. As an Iron Man fanboy, I was going to dive right into this but with so many event books going on, Fear Itself, Flashpoint, Schism, I had to cut one. This looked the least interesting. I might grab it in trade though if it gets good reviews

  3. Iron Man time traveling stories are always great.

  4. This will definitely garner a flip through at the store from me.

  5. Loved it!

  6. looks to be a great stand alone, probably a trade pick up for me

  7. WOW I’m definitely glad I grabbed this issue two thumbs up !

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