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  1. I’m glad they’re doing two covers for these. I don’t like Larroca’s covers.

  2. @JumpingJupiter I agree. They are just so bland and have nothing to do with the story. They don’t make me excitied at all to read the book.

  3. Interesting series so far. I’m looking forward to this.

  4. One of my favorite ongoings, cant wait for this

  5. I think that I prefer the Larocca covers as I always make it a point to get the ones that feature art from the interior artist.

  6. Just picked the first issue up after I saw the variant (the one with the Mark I armor) for it. Now I’m loving this book…

  7. The fanboy/collector in me won’t allow myself to get any cover other than the Larocca one because that was the cover I got with #1. This is my first Iron Man series ever and I am enjoying it but as the hype from the movie has started to wear off I might be dropping this after this first arc. I’m just buying too many books lately.

  8. @Juniper – really? I didn’t pick up the series for the longest time because Quesada’s covers turned me off to the whole book. I was afraid the interiors matched the cover.Larocca’s art was off the chain last ish, though.

    I only picked up one issue on a whim (#3) and was immediately hooked. Didn’t even get half of what was happening and still thoroughly enjoyed the book. Glad I got into it so late, since I bought it last week and #4 comes out this Wednesday. Sthweeeeeeet.

  9. I really really like this cover.  It’s shiny!  /shallow and obvious

    Loving the book as well, of course.

  10. Each cover looks great by itself but all of them are interchangeable. Gets boring a little.

  11. @Jupiter – Yeah, I’ll definitly agree with that.

  12. Very good issue writing wise. I liked Tony’s interaction with Reed. The art seems to have gone from poop-on-a-stick to atrocious. An improvement!

  13. Great issue, this might be the best book Marvel’s putting out these days

  14. Fraccion writes a mean book, if only Larroca didn’t make me cry everytime i saw the pages

  15. I thought the books was good but I did not like the way Reed looked in this.  He looked like he was only 20 or something.  It was a little thing but it bothered me a lot.

  16. jesus guys, LaRocca’s not thaaaaaaaaat bad.  yeah, his faces are awful but a lot of that blame goes to the colorist as well.  and his iron man and backgrounds look great

  17. I’d be okay with the art here if it wasn’t for that skin. Why hasn’t anybody working on this book said, "You know, maybe Reed Richards shouldn’t be this tan. Maybe his skin color should be shown to be noticeably lighter than his hair color." Come on, now.

     But still a great issue.

  18. Weird book — the Fraction writing is OK, the Larocca art is distracting. I like the premise of an old-fashioned Iron Man (this is what the book was like back in the 1980s, folks, in case you were wondering), I just wish the art were done by Granov, or someone like that.

  19. What’s really interesting is that #1 of this book shipped 120,000 copies, but issue #2 only shipped 68,000.  Curious.

  20. @Conor- that is interesting.  Are the numbers for issue 3 out yet?  Issue #1 came out right around the time of the movie, and retailers probably jumped on that with extra orders for "new" fans.  Then they were stuck in limbo when it came time to order #2 and #1 not on shelves yet.  68k probably makes more sense for an Iron Man title, but that is quite a dropoff.

  21. Wow, that is a rather steep drop!

  22. Why does Reed Richards look like Brad Pitt in this comic?

  23. Turns out, this was the best freakin’ book of the week.

  24. This book has been great. This issue wasn’t so much action… as the others have been, but was setting the stage for more….

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