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This is the first time I have picked up the title. I have been
reading Iron Man, Director of Shield, for the past couple of years, and
I have been pleased with it. It seemed hard for me to understand how a
different Iron Man book would be able to show us another side of Tony


I was wrong. Fraction is doing an excellent job
(at least in this issue) of exploring the characters of Tony, Pepper,
Maria Hill, the workings of Stark International, and the relationships
of Tony and his colleagues (the scene with Reed Richards was great).
Obviously, the book has been influenced by the movie, but in this case,
this is a good thing.


am delighted to find that there is another book featuring one of my
favorite all-time characters and succeeding. I would recommend this
title both to Iron Man newbies and to long-time Marvel zombies.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Agreed, this is a terrific series.

    Fractio’s first arc was in the can before he ever got to see the movie, and he didn’t have any special access, so it’s only influenced by the movie in the sense that he knew Pepper and Rhodes and Obadiah Stane were going to be part of it. 

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