The Eisner-award winning Iron Man is back, riding high on the biggest movie of the summer! But when an enhanced armor terror attack puts Tokyo and her citizens on the brink, it’s the invincible…Detroit Steel to the rescue? Halfway around the world, Tony Stark has his hands full when Pepper goes under the knife, and we welcome back a familiar face as Stark Resilient makes its first new hire. Meanwhile, the insidious Hammer girls keep making moves in the destructive game they’re playing. Will the new Stark survive the trip to the launch pad, let alone ever get off the ground? Not looking great.

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
INKS: Salvador Larroca
COLORED BY: Frank D'Armata
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Salvador Larroca

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. i hate iron mans helmet on that cover

  2. This has been a little slow since disassembled ended

  3. This book is part of my life now. Like a comfortable shirt. Or coffee.

  4. @JumpingJupiter  this is right up there with Amazing Spider-Man as a book I can’t imagine not reading. Quite the feat considering I’ve never read the character on any regular basis ever and before Fraction started writing I owned about 4 issues of Iron Man all from the 90s.

  5. @Roi: Cool!

  6. I’m sorry but I’m nominating this as the worst cover of the week. Solely on that Iron Man design. Hideous.

  7. I hope there is a variant.

  8. @TNC: yea, why does Iron Man look like he is about to cry?

  9. @USPUNX He saw someone littering.

  10. Iron Eyes Stark? (Turns out Cody was Italian, not Native American.. Oh, funny old Hollywood.)

  11. He’s looking at the bad "HEROIC AGE" banner up top and is crying for all of us.

  12. oh come on now, it’s clear he’s upset because War Machine stole his lunch money.

  13. Please let there be a variant!

  14. Variant is Iron Man and War Machine holding hands, petting a unicorn.

  15. Arc is enjoyable so far but moving a little slow, and it is an eight issue story

  16. Here’s a tip Marvel:

    If you’re going to give Iron Man a new design, how about you let the actual Iron Man artist do it? And not some random graphic designer who will design something impossible for the majority of artists? 

  17. @TNC – I think the guy who designed it was actually a conceptual artist, maybe even character designer. Big difference from graphic designer (I’m the latter, but would way prefer to be the former) – and while great pencilers aren’t always great designers, I think they could’ve done better for the new suit definitely.

  18. @TNC- The guy who designed the suit works for Marvel studios and worked on Iron Man as well as Iron Man 2. Not just some "random guy".

  19. @Otto/drake Okay so he’s not a random ‘dude’. Still let the people who actually draw the character design the suit and not a guy who works for film…and not comics.

  20. He drew the suit…for the movies.

  21. I love this book, and can’t imagine not getting it as well

  22. The suit looks fine. It’s weirdly drawn on the cover. Buy the variant, take a pill.

  23. @drakedangerz Adi Granov did that.

  24. He designed the original suit for the comics, but only acted as a consultant for the suit for the movies.

  25. @Drakedangerz According to IMDB and my memory of the credits of Iron Man 2, Adi Granov was the conceptual illustrator for Iron Man 2. He was the "Suit consultant" on the first film, but if I recall they freely used his designs for the armor. As well as the technical credit he’s given a special credit in both films.

  26. whatever Adi Granov and/or Ryan Meinerding did do for the movie, that is still one mopey looking Iron Man face.
  27. Holy Halifax I love Pepper!

  28. @jumping yeah pepper is being well written by fraction.

  29. A tiny bit of action, but basically the third issue in a row of people standing around talking.

     Gettin bored now. Maybe someone cares about Mrs Aborghast’s start up company, but it’s not me.

     Plus it’s been 3 issues and we still don’t know what this new armor can do. 

  30. That someone would be me! Mrs. Arbogast is AWESOME.

    And the new armor does the same shit that the old armor does; it kicks ass.


  31. Reasons why this is my POW:

    1) We’re promised the return of RESCUE (and thus, more Pepper awesomeness)!

    2) Rhodey’s back!

    3) Mrs. Arbogast is back!

    4) Tony’s goatee is back!


  32. How does the new armor kick ass if all we’ve seen it do so far is come out of Tony’s orifices?

    I enjoyed this, but it’s been a 3 issue build up and I would prefer to get more action next time around. 

  33. @Darke: You’ll get it. Detroit is getting violent in Tokyo and James and Tony are headed there. Sparks will fly.

  34. Tony hasn’t blasted or hit anyone in like 9 issues.

  35. A very good issue. Nothing outstanding, and I thought the Bambi scenes could have gone a little faster. My issue is that Detroit Steel didn’t feel out of control or uber-violent with just killing one guy. I mean, no sense of threat from it was conveyed to me. However, the Rhodey scene was quite good so that had that going for it.

    But please, Larocca, Please stop drawing Josh Holloway into the book! 4/5 

  36. @Prax: He killed more dudes than one but yeah, fair enough.

    There is a scene that implies the whole thing was setup which is the part that was meant to be gross and evil but Tony doesn’t seem to know that yet.

  37. Why’s Rhodey so mopey? Who shit in his nachos?

  38. @JJ Did he? I must have lost track of that in the book. And yeah, I know that it’s a setup to sell the suit, and while that is *evil* it doesn’t instill in me "This is a threat that will test both Tony and Rhodey." You know what I mean? However, I remain positive that that will change next issue.

  39. @Prax: Yeah I get your meaning. I actually agree with you. I’m still enjoying this because the book is kind of a part if my life now. You know, this title is like a comfortable habit for me. I just roll with it and enjoy myself.

  40. The book’s been a little too talky for my tastes. Looks like next issue may step up a bit. As someone who didnt watch Lost, i dont care one bit if Tony looks like Josh whoever.

  41. I forgot that  I meant to drop this after last issue… I dropped it after a few pages. Larroca is at his very worst here.

    And on that tip, Larroca seems to have had a hard on for Sawyer for a while now, as I discovered futzing around on InStockTrades.

  42. @captbastrd Yeah, Larocca’s New Universal work was 100% celebrity faces. You’ll notice James Cromwell on the left of that cover, and a blonde Bruce Willis is the large shadowed head on the right.

  43. I’m not sure I get how celeb resemblance is inherently bad…

  44. wow…art was quite bad with this one.

  45. @Prax
    Yeah, it’s bad overall but I mainly meant that it looks like Larroca want’s to get a cute nickname from Sawyer since he puts his face in so many of the books he draws.

    It’s not inherently bad, I just don’t like it. I’m not saying anyone who likes this art is sick in the brain, just that it takes me out of the story so much when I vividly remember the shot from which this actor was yelling at Jack on Lost and having that transposes into Tony Stark making an angry face while fighting an enemy (which is a generalized example since this arc has had NO FIGHTING BY OUR PROTAGONIST WHATSOEVER CAPITALIZATION!!) Beyond that, using celebs as models for characters sucks is one thing, but this seriously looks traced. The only reason I don’t spit at the pages as I do when Greg Land is involved is because this at least looks nicer… except for this issue where he traced, or ‘photo referenced’ Josh Holloway’s and Nicole Kidman’s faces and then had an arthritic chimpanzee doodle the clothing for him. 

  46. Ha! Monkeys.

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