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You all knew it was coming, so we might as well get it out of the way early: CONQUEST vs. INVINCIBLE — the rematch! This time Invincible won’t have Atom Eve to help him, and Conquest won’t make the mistake of underestimating him. Can a galaxy-spanning all-out war contain this fight? This issue is not to be missed!


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  1. cant wait for this issue 

  2. I’m waffling on whether or not to follow this monthly or in trades. Bought the last issue and I loved it, but I’ve got the latest trade coming in the mail. Hurm.

  3. Man, I can’t imagine waiting for trades. This is one of those books that I pull first every monday and snag first every wednesday.

  4. See, that’s just it. It’s so enjoyable as a monthly read, but, on the other hand, it’s more likely to be more frequently read and loaned out in trade form. I’m probably going to trade, since that promises the more long-term enjoyment. Oh well…
  5. Over the past moth I’ve pulled out every issue of Invincible, from my boxes and reread them. Can’t bring myself to wait for trades. 

  6. @Ottobott: yeah, issues for this title. It’s meant to be read that way. Trades are good for other books though.

  7. @Ottobot We’re in a similar pickle. I recently caught up to issue #59 with the Ultimate Collections from selling a lot of my comics and using the store credit to buy expensive HCs. I decided to jump in with Invincible Returns (the exposition porn that was) and Invincible #71. And I have say, I’m mad I didn’t pick it up in issues earlier. This morning I plowed through the first 4 parts of the Still Standing trade (I think that’s #60-63) hope that I can feel somewhat caught up by this issue. So we’ll enjoy the single issue ride together. 

  8. Can’t imagine to wait for a trade on this. Okay, I seldom tradewait and mostly read issues, but Invincible is the last title, second to Savage Dragon, where I would switch to trades. For re-reading, I collect the hardcovers. My two cents.


  9. Man, I hope Conquest gets ripped apart. He’s such a douchebag.

  10. @Cromulent-This site is a perfect example of why the universe needs douchebags around to spice things up.

  11. I don’t think spicy douchebags are a great idea. Stingy.

  12. How is conquest able to fully heal from Invincible’s total beatdown when he can’t get his eye fixed?

  13. @AmirCat its to do with him getting injured and suffering from the after effects of the scourge virus. 

  14. I played bass for Spicey Douchebags in highschool.

  15. Brutal! Conquest is dead.

  16. @rockingeek fuck you

  17. My pleasure.

  18. Uncool.

  19. Hey, this was a great issue but what the fuck was up with that random double page landscape page? Is there something that I’m just missing? I stared at the thing for five minutes and couldn’t figure it out.

  20. Btw…anybody else hear Stacey Keach’s voice for Conquest?

  21. What was uncool about what @rockinggeek did? The book came out everyone else on Wednesday, spoilers are fair game.

    Great issue. My favorite in quite a few months. POTW, though I could do without the Tech Jacket backup. 

  22. *everywhere else.

  23. I coulda swore delays are recognized and and everyone’s given a chance to "catch up" (I seem to remember other comments being deleted in the past for early releases). If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong though.

  24. I’m pretty sure that was only for when a book release was delayed a week or so because of Diamond shipping problems (i.e. half the country gets the issue one week while the other half gets it the next week). It doesn’t apply to one-day delays due to holidays.

  25. what? It was so fucking obvious this would happen! its not like it was a big fucking spoiler. We ain’t sure he’s really dead, maybe he’s just comicbook dead???

  26. @mikeandzod21, My best guess is that double page was supposed to show how they tore a swath through the landscape as they fought.  I think the big crater was where they landed and the dust ups were probably where Conquest delivered a blow.
  27. Ahh. I think it could have been done better, cuz I got to it and was confused about a) what it was and b) where my focus was suppposed to be. Also, was Mark dragging conquest? It was unclear. Other than that I really loved this issue…despite not having ANY atom eve in it


  29. Those final few pages were gut wrenching…



  30. Mark sure has some intestinal fortitude…….

  31. Ah well, my bad. Apologies to @rockinggeek.

  32. Invincible has guts.

  33. ARG! Damn you Kirkman!  I’ve forced myself to only read The Walking Dead in 5 issue chunks because they feel so short and always end in cliffhangers.  Now it seems that I have to do the same with Invincible.  I miss the days of old where it seemed like you read an entire days worth of events in an issue (ex. any dark phoenix issue of x-men.)


  35. *SPOILERS*  So when Mark reforms his body after he dies, will he make is boobs bigger?

  36. Will Omni Man Boy Kid Man become the next Invincible?????

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