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This issue of Invincible moves at combat speed.  The brutal action is non-stop from start to finish.  It starts in space, crashes to an alien planet, through mountains, back into space and back on the planet.  It reminded me of Mark and Nolan’s fight way back in the early issues.  There are cool moments in this issue, like Nolan and Oliver’s bonding during the heat of battle.  Nolan hasn’t seen him since he was a baby and they share a few poignant father and son moments.  There’s a terrific panel where a bloody-faced Nolan is adoringly smiling at Oliver.  But what I enjoyed most of this issue was the contrasting fighting styles amongst the heroes.  You have hot-headed Oliver, a loose cannon.  His moves are not calculated…he gets mad and attacks.  Reckless.  Tech-Jacket is just trying to get his sea-legs and keep up, but he’s quickly acclimating to this level of battle.  Contrast all of that with Allen the Alien, who is calm and cool.  He doesn’t seem to break a sweat.  I’m looking forward to finding out how powerful he actually is since it has been hinted at that he may now be stronger than a Viltrumite.  Nolan looks a bit rusty and distracted.  He probably has a lot on his mind with Conquest there trying to kill his sons.  Conquest is the same scary bastard that he was in the last fight with some of the same signature moves.  And lastly, there’s is Invincible.  He has been trying and failing to bottle up his rage ever since his last run-in with Conquest.  I believe the anger he has rumbling inside of him is a trait of his Viltrumite blood…but he has been through so much since the Invincible War that he could just be overwhelmed by events.  In this fight, he let’s that emotion rip.  He’s as tenacious as a pitbull.  And this leads to some blood splattered panels and a stomach churning conclusion.  It’s hard to believe that this is only part 2 of 8 issue series.  Invincible can use a breather at the end of this one.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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