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wayne2001bc11/21/09YesRead Review
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  1. YES!! Only thing that can make this series better … angry violent Dinasaurs!!!

  2. Indeed.

  3. Im on the cusp of dropping reading comics and its titles like this that make it incredibly difficult

  4. @SplifEOC: do you mean this is so good it makes you want to keep reading comics or that this is so bad that it makes you want to stop reading?

  5. Wonder what’s up with the lack of a cover?

  6. @SplifEOC: If it wasn’t for this book and the many other Image books I enjoy each month, there’s no way I’d still be buying comics.

  7. No spoiler talk, but this book is so good every month it’s getting hard to discuss without sounding redundant.  Another 5 for me.

  8. @400yrs:  I completely agree.  The image books, especially the Kirkman ones, are the only books I look forward to every month.

  9. I would like 68 more issues of invincible, please.

  10. Yes! this was exactly the kind of Invincible issue I have been waiting for.  The characters in this book don’t really get much time to sit around and talk anymore but this issue was a return to that format.  Also this issue probably sets up what is going to happen for the next year from what I can tell.

  11. An easy 5.  After the quick action, damn near every page was full of heavy hitting stuff.  Sadly, this book has no shot at POTW as Connor doesn’t have it pulled.

  12. @GanderSlayer:  If you haven’t tried it yet, try the first PROOF trade which is another great Image book.  It’s right up there with Invincible and TWD for me.

  13. This issue was hilarious and really moved the story forward.  A lot of "oh crap" moments.  Best thing I’ve read so far this week.

  14. They really piled on the "o crap" moments on the last pages.  

  15. Last page of this was  a great "OH Shnikies!" moment.

  16. @Spoons I love these "setup" issues.  Even when there’s "nothing happening" so to speak, there is really quite a bit going on and the information you get is very important.

  17. Mark’s interaction with Eve’s dad was nutty, really nutty.  It is exactly that kind of interaction that can cause one to break up with a girl for reasons that are not related to her.

  18. @Mister J – yeah, that conversation was ridiculous. And it got more ridiculous as the panels zoomed into his repulsive mouth.  That was a great scene.

  19. OH SNAP! my potw by a long shot!

  20. @misterj – O that is what sold me on the POTW.

  21. Fantastic issue. I’m excited!

  22. Great to see Mark and Eve back. Threads from previous issues are picked up and a war seems to be under way (not that one). The art is fantastic as per usual and the cliffhanger saw coming, but wow was it shocking nevertheless.

  23. I really liked the first half of this, but I feel like the backhalf was rushed. We got Broly breaking out of his prison thing, and then the brain squid things, and then the pregnancy reveal. I dunno, it just felt odd and clunky to me. Still pretty good though, if I could give it a 3.5 I would, but alas…3/5.

  24. "Y’know… sex."
    Young Omni-Man

  25. Heh, her boobs got bigger before… cuz she’s pregnant… I get it.

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