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• The oversized kickoff to the year’s most anticipate Blockbuster summer event, changing the way you view the Marvel Universe!

• The outbreak of war on two fronts: Earth and Space, with our heroes torn between them.

• The world-shattering return of Thanos!

• Includes material from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: INFINITY

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jim Cheung & Mark Morales
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Cover by Adam Kubert

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 12.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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    1. I swore off event books even from creators I like, but I’m honestly really enjoying what Hickman’s doing in the Avengers books. Hopefully he can avoid a lot of the traps other writers fall into.

    2. I’ve been dying for this book to come out! I don’t care if it’s $5!Make it 7, the hell with it I’m getting it!

    3. I’ve never bought a Marvel event before but since this is the mighty Hickman & that I am buying both his Avengers titles then I guess I’m all in!

    4. Does anyone know if I’ll be lost if I’m only reading New Avengers? (Dropped Avengers several months ago.) I’m tempted to pick this up for Cheung’s art alone.

    5. Super excited for this. Anyone know how many pages of story it’ll be?

      • Definitely more than the standard 20. The Hawkeye Annual from a few weeks ago had 28 story pages for $4.99, so I’m hoping we get at least that much. I wouldn’t look down on a few additional pages with Hickman-styled infographics either!

      • I wish both Marvel AND DC would stop jerking us around with this crap. They should have a standard page amount and standard price and stick with it. When you never know what you’re gonna get for your money, it kind of makes you want to spend that money less – at least in my cases it does.

      • “Includes material from Free Comic Book Day: Infinity.” So, who thinks that the extra buck is solely on account of the reprinted, previously free, “material” . . .?

    6. This is the point at which I start dropping my remaining Marvel books.

      I’ll read this in trade next year when the public library gets a copy.

    7. This my first Marvel event since Civil War.

      I’m nervous.

    8. I’m looking forward to this (and to Forever Evil as well), but I do worry that so many issues (infinity, avengers, new avengers) could sour me on Hickman’s Marvel stuff, which has been so-so over the past couple of months.

    9. I haven’t read an event from ANY company since Secret Invasion. So this is a big gamble I’m taking cause most events, I heard anyways, weren’t that great. I trust Hickman thought because this is a story he’s been working on for a while and it looks like no one else is interfering with him. Plus we get the artists (AND Jim Cheung) from his Avengers books to help him out.

      So I have a feeling this will be good. Fingers crossed!

    10. JML ( says:

      Goddamn it, this book is going to be five bucks? Ugggghhhhhh. I’m not even that excited about it. It just feels like I have to get it or all the previous issues of his Avengers books will have been meaningless.

    11. I got a good feeling about this one. I’m generally not a fan of Hickman’s Marvel stuff, so I have no idea what he’s been writing about in those books, but I’m a fairly intellectual individual and I trust myself to be able to figure things out. It’s not rocket science or a Morrison story, so it should be reasonably easy to follow. 😉
      Besides, I’ll try anything with Thanos.

    12. I feel like I’ve been burned too many times by Hickman. too many of his books, all of them going nowhere. Love Thanos though. doubt I’ll pick up this issue.

    13. I thought this was pretty solid.

    14. If you buy it digitally, Jason Latour’s Silver Surfer backup was great too.

    15. Super promising start. It’s a lot of set up, but it’s all really intriguing, at least for me. Plus, that Jim Cheung art! So good.

    16. Wow this was so awesome. Is this the best event since Civil war from marvel? It very well could be.

    17. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in this issue, and a Star Wars reference. Quite a surprise!
      Joking aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this, the art is beautiful and Ponsor’s colours gorgeous, I can’t wait for the next issue.
      Also glad i stuck with Avengers and New Avengers as a lot of the characters appear in this book.
      Anyone not reading the books mentioned above and picking up Infinity? Interested to see how easy it was to follow.

      • I read neither New Avengers or Avengers and Infinity #1 was actually very easy t follow. There are some characters like the guy in red with the star on his hand or the one with the huge glowing shoulder pads that I don’t know at all, but even Ex Nihilo and Captain Universe were introduced enough to get what’s going on.

        But I’m a little worried. From the graphic at the end it seemed like I have to read the Avengers books now? Because they were in the timeline and the tie-ins were not?

    18. JML ( says:

      Wow, Hickman was really trying here. I liked it way more than I expected to. Hickman’s stilted “honourable badass” fortune cookiespeak dialogue still frequently grated, but the rest of the experience made up for it.

    19. I am not a fan of events and I guess I have gotten ‘event fatigue’ for a long time. Having said that: I LOVED this issue.

      As a reader of HIckman’s Avengers books this totally fit right in and I was never lost. (Although I can see why people who don’t read those books would be and I imagine the guys on the podcast will be scratching their heads.) It was a great introduction to the event with a lot of story being packed in but it didn’t feel too much. Some intriguing things are mixed in here with The Builders coming towards Earth, Skrulls just chilling out on Earth, and the big twist of Thanos having a good reason to attack Earth.

      The art by Cheung was off the hook. It’s totally what you would expect from him with his clean lines and a gorgeous attention to detail. The Spaceknights and Black Bolt chasing the Outrider were the highlights for me.

      Again, I can see people who don’t read Avengers being lost here but it never was an issue for me. I hate events but Hickman and Cheung (and the other contributors) really set up something great here. Count me in for this.

      5/5 (POTW)

    20. I’m trying really hard to compare it Infinity Gauntlet but this issue was over-all a bit of a miss for me. I am interested enough to continue on to issue two, but not enough to get the tie-ins. The Digital version had a Skrull backup that was really cool and featured a particularly favorite Marvel character of mine.

    21. Okay the main story was epic enough, but how mind blowing was that digital second half? Amazingly cinematic, innovative, and beautiful!

    22. By the way, if Marvel had a current book that teamed up Black Panther, Namor, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight, I would totally buy that. I see a hole in the market that’s not being filled right now, so get on it, guys! Thanks. 🙂

    23. I agree with most of you, the book was surprisingly good. I’m usually not a Hickman fan but this was really exciting. And I think it was a great choice to make this an extra long issue, that way Hickman could really set up everything and the next issue can fully dive into the story.

    24. Don’t want to judge this too hard on it’s first issue. Knowing Hickman and events in general, this will probably read better once it’s all collected. This felt just like more prelude to me, which I guess is an unnecessary evil in comics, but doesn’t help when you’re buying separate chapters that cost a lot.

      Anyway, Jim Cheung, Morales, Ponsor and the rest of the art team killed it with this book. Not one panel or page stood out, but they were all just nicely detailed and flowed very effortlessly. Super consistent throughout.

    25. This was great as expected, great story & good art. Does make getting Avengers & New Avengers a perfect package, can’t wait for next week with Avengers #18 & New Avengers #9, plus next month we get Opeña back!!

      Oh SPACEKNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Black Bolt = Badass

    27. Read Starlins Captain Marvel run, Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity war the last few months in preparation for this and I would say that the first issue def holds up.

    28. This was awesome! I have very little experience with The Inhumans, and even less with the Spaceknights, but I really enjoyed being taken for the ride on those parts. Everything else was just classic cosmic goodness. Hickman’s portentous writing doesn’t really bother me, because he often deals with epic scenarios, so it’s usually warranted. Though I was getting a little tired of the promise of doom without any actual doom thus far in Avengers, this really brought everything home beautifully. And talk about bang for your buck! I really felt like I was reading my money’s worth.

      The stakes are high, the peril is imminent. Just how I like my events. Can’t wait for the next issue!


    29. The Marvel universe is really intimidating. The only characters I have successfully picked up are Daredevil, Thor, and Hawkeye.

      Any other recommendations? These events just scare me off.

      • If you want to read Infinity, which is a very daunting task for someone not versed in Marvel lore, start with Hickman’s New Avengers and Avengers and have Wikipedia ready for the many things he references that you won’t understand. That is the way it goes with these universes, Wikipedia has made the universes that much more accessible.

      • X-Men Legacy is very good and pretty atypical for an X-Men title. All you need to know is that David Haller is the schizophrenic and estranged son of Professor Xavier. He’s sometimes called Legion because every one of his multiple personalities has a different mutant power (and we’re not talking standard mutant powers like flight or eye-beams — this book likes to get a bit strange in the best ways). David struggles with controlling his multiple personalities while trying to figure out how he fits into Xavier’s legacy.

        Issue 15 comes out this Wednesday, but 13-14 was a nice little two-part story that shows off why this book deserves more attention. It reminds me a bit of some of Grant Morrison or Warren Ellis’ early works — very British, kind of zany, with some pop-sci-fi and anti-mainstream sensibilities. Like Hawkeye, Daredevil and Thor, it’s a book that offers a unique voice in the Marvel publishing line.

        And it’s only $2.99!

    30. This was brilliant but then again any Marvel event would seem amazing after Age Of Ultron. More happened in this one issue then Ultron’s entire 10 issues.

      Also although I have read all the Avengers and New Avengers leading up to it I think you’d be okay coming in cold as it lays out fairly well what’s happening.

    31. This book was brilliant. Hands down. Nuff’ said!

    32. I wanted to love this book but could not give it more than 3 out of 5 and that is mainly due to the great art by Jim Cheung. The story was not very interesting to me and I do not think I will be reading #2. I have to cut down on the amount of mediocre books I buy any way.

    33. Very much dug it. Black Bolt’s discovery of the Outrider was cool.

    34. Just plain boring. Art looked ice though. I really don’t get why people heap prais on Hickman so much. He’s so boring!

      • He’s so awesome! If you’re not into mind-bending cosmic stories that are heavy in plot than I doubt it’s for you. I just went back and reread all the Hickman Avengers material and I must say, even the issues that I initially thought were a bit weak are in fact amazing! Very excited for this event.

    35. Who will be drawing this? Cheung the whole mini? Or is there a fill-in?

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