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    Story by Jonathan Hickman
    Art by Jim Cheung & Mark Morales
    Colors by Justin Ponsor
    Cover by Adam Kubert

    Size: 0 pages
    Price: 4.99

    The biggest Marvel event of the summer starts here! After countless weeks of
    preludes amongst the main Avengers titles we will see what all the hype is truly
    For starters, this book starts like every other Hickman book with 12 pgs of
    prelude since you know, 8 issues of prelude just wouldn’t cut it.
    Along with the weird fonts and pseudo futuristic designs that Hickman has made
    famous on the title pgs the only thing missing is a spoiling quote from somebody
    that’s in the book itself.
    Once you’re past half an issues worth of prelude you think hey! This will
    finally pick up, then were back to square one, and after some confirmed
    sightings and apparently space wiretapping the agents of s.w.o.r.d can safely
    confirm that something big is coming, unfortunately what they think is really
    coming for them is but the distraction, an appetizer if I may, to the main
    course that is Thanos who’s preparing to prison rape the earth when they least expect
    Overall like every other Hickman book out there, it feels like he’s just a one
    trick pony always attempting to over complicate things for almost no reason
    whatsoever. You would think that with countless issues of prelude you could just
    jump into the action without having to explain much, unfortunately the average
    comic book fan does not have the attention span or the patience to read an issue
    that’s almost as along as a graphic novel, hell even Grant Morrison gets to the
    point faster than this guy. Any who, the pacing was slower than molasses, the
    story itself is interesting for what its worth specially since this is a Thanos
    story without the infinity gauntlet for once, and by far the most redeeming
    quality of this book is the same as every other Hickman book out there today and
    that’s the artwork, gotta be honest here, Jim Cheung truly knocked it out of the
    park and remained consistent throughout which is a rare quality coming from a
    top tier artist these days.

    Story: 2 - Average
    Art: 5 - Excellent


    1. I agree about Hickman being a little long winded on starting books. He’s a pretty good writer overall, but I think too many books are too long. I long for the days when one single book had a beginning, middle, and end.

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