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Bowen’s mission has begun.

The Infinite are on the move and their attempt to take over the world is underway. He must now train his younger self, Bo for the coming war… but is he ready?

Could Bowen be leading himself to his own death?


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  1. Woohoo Kirkman and Liefeld! I dug the first issue and have a feeling I’ll be reading it again as we get closer to the end. I love time travel stories and I’m sure Kirkman will do this right!

  2. Same here loved the first ish. I liked Hawk and Dove, too, though.

  3. I really enjoyed the first issue, can’t wait for this and the upcoming ones. I really want to see where this is going..

  4. Is this a 6-part mini series now?!

  5. I thought this review of Hawk & Dove over at Aint it Cool said it best about Liefeld’s art:

    “All this adds up to some of the worst artwork I’ve ever seen in a professionally published comic book. And the thing that really pisses me off about this is that Liefeld somehow gets a pass on it from DC’s editors! Let’s face it, if an aspiring comic artist were to show a portfolio to an editor for a critique and the artwork within was on the same level as the artwork for HAWK & DOVE, there is no way in hell that the editor would say, “Wow! Looks great, come on in and have a bunch of money!” At the very least, the kindest, most Archie Goodwin-esque pro would encourage the applicant to go back to the basics and work on stuff like anatomy and perspective (though not evidenced on the cover, Liefeld’s understanding of perspective is just about what you’d expect from his tenuous grasp on the human form). Yet Rob Liefeld turns in the same crap and gets paid for it. He’s done it—like Ed Wood (again), Rob Liefeld has achieved the “so-bad-it’s-good” cult status. Unlike Wood, he was just lucky enough to attain it while still alive.”

    Then he goes on to compare Liefeld to a monkey throwing poop in a zoo. Brutal.

  6. Never thought I’d hate a Kirkman comic. I guess this day had to come eventually.

  7. I actually really enjoyed this! The story is fun and interesting and leifeld’s art, while not wasn’t that bad, I actually enjoyed it at times. It was definitely better than last issue.

  8. For those who are interested, this book is an ongoing series and I am happy about it. Also, I like his art and this books suits him (Liefeld).

  9. Did anyone else play “Count the weird grimaces”? When it got up to 7 of the same angry faces in two pages I started to doubt Liefeld.

  10. I really enjoyed it, though the art was pretty bad, i really didn’t like the faces Liefeld drew.

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