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  1. never thought i’d see the day that Incredible Hulk had less pulls than Deadpool.

  2. I’m sorry but that is an ugly cover.

    What the hell is wrong with the guy on the left side of the cover? Is he doing a Jack Nicholoson impression?

  3. Well he’s obviously enjoying himself, in a grim kind of way. 

    The last issue of this was so left field for me. After fighting Wolverine and son The Hulks appear quite randomly with all their buddies from WWH.

    Coincidentally I didn’t read Hulk at that time, so I have no idea who they all were and what they were about. Also, Rick Jones’ ex appears and instead of try to explain it all, they go off to get busy. Was all a bit odd for me. And to think, I was tipping this run to be great. Hopefully this issue will be better.  

  4. can’t stand Olivetti’s art.

  5. Been loving puny Banner and his Bannertech, but Skaar is a character I can do without.

  6. So far, this run has been about Banner training Skaar, for some reason, to take on the Hulk.  I’m just waiting for the old Hulk to be back in the story along with Banner.  It feels like Hulk hasn’t really been in his books for 2 years now.  Also, I prefer Pelletier’s art over Olivetti’s in this issue.  I hope everything finally kicks in with Fall of the Hulks.

  7. For some reason my LCS did not get this….not realy happy about that.

  8. I gotta say Olivetti draws some nice looking monsters. But the drastic change in art in the last couple pages was annoying. Understandable that he didn’t finish in time, but the art is so different, it’s just weird.

  9. I dig the interation between Skaar and Banner. I’m looking forward to FotH.

  10. Olivetti monsters = awesome.

    Banner constantly aggravating Skaar = mildly amusing.

    Plot for past 5 issues = Paper thin. Hopefully this Fall of the Hulks resets this to allow an actual storyline soon.

  11. The art in this book is painful. To each their own, but I can’t stand it. I feel bad, I do. Ariel Olivetti has a lot of talent… but please leave my Hulk alone. Not for this book. 

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