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  1. So is this the new (old?) normal green hulk title?

  2. I swore off hulk after 600 but I read the preview, and it looks interesting, always found Banner more interesting without the hulk/

    @miyamoto It branched after 600 this is Banner(sans hulk) and the other book is red hulk. So i’ll say this is the normal (most likely better) hulk title.

  3. Rejoice indeed!  A good writer has returned to the Hulk. 

  4. Finally getting some decent Hulk for a change.

  5. Is Incred Herc gone then?

  6. Never mind I see the solicit for Herc too.  I am so confused.

  7. @Viktorr-There is a Hulk family of four books now.  Incredible Hulk, Hulk, Son of Skaar, and (tangentally) Incredible Hercules.

  8. It’s not Son of Skaar…..It’s Son of Hulk!

  9. Whoops. 

  10. Liked the She Hulk backup more than the main story.

  11. But she’s not She-Hulk… Give me Jen. 😛

  12. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed this. Incredible Banner rocks!

  13. I’m glad I picked this book up as I haven’t been pleased with Loeb’s run in the slightest.  The good news is that for intents and purposes this story reads as if it was meant to take place directly after World War Hulk anyway (aside from Skaar being gown up and on earth) and that possibly it was just editorial that brought about Loeb’s Red Hulk silliness.  I haven’t read the Skaar beyond the fist couple of issues but I was able to follow this with no problem.  Olivetti’s artwork isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know, and while I really liked it myself, the real star of this book is Greg Pak’s writing for Bruce Banner.  Pak’s Banner means business and is no milksop.  He’s very definitely the comic book super-science mega brain that he should be, with sci-fi devices designed to let him get by just fine in fisticuffs against Class-100 types.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Banner and Reed Richards as well, along with his reasons for hanging out with Skaa, and am definitely going to stick around to see where this book goes.  I especially loved the final page and seeing just who it is that Banner is planning to pit Skaar against.

  14. I don’t like this cocky Banner.


    But I am interested and I like how the solict makes it sound like the other Hulk book is shitty like it is.

  15. This was a great issue. Gladd to see PAk back on Hulk, and he’s great when writing Skaar. I really hope more people start reading this book though, 182 pulls feels pretty low for what should be a top tier book. I blame Loeb. haha.

  16. This was a step in the right direction.  I hope Pak turns this title around and delivers Hulk stories that are worthy of such a great character. 

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