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I rejoice indeed! The return of Pak to the writing of the primary Hulk book is a god send and sanctuary from the travails of Jeff Loeb. The book focuses on the relationship between teh Hulkless (maybe) Banner and his son, Skaar. I have no idea what has been happenign in the Skaar book, and I don’t care. You do not need that information in order to get the gist of the combative, tense relationship the two share. This is not the goofy, silly book that Loeb writes and is much closer to the more serious tone that I hope for from the Hulk. It has spot humor, which is great, but lacks the sense of inane camp Loeb seems to associate with the Hulk.  The art is fair in this book. It contains the painted, textured look that is so popular in Marvel right now. When done well it works nicely, when done badly it makes books unreadable – this book has it somewhere in between. The art is tolerable and does not hurt the story, but it is often stiff and lifeless.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. I’m glad I picked this book up as I haven’t been pleased with Loeb’s run in the slightest.  The good news is that for intents and purposes this story reads as if it was meant to take place directly after World War Hulk anyway (aside from Skaar being gown up and on earth) and that possibly it was just editorial that brought about Loeb’s Red Hulk silliness.  I haven’t read the Skaar beyond the fist couple of issues but I was able to follow this with no problem.  Olivetti’s artwork isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I know, and while I really liked it myself, the real star of this book is Greg Pak’s writing for Bruce Banner.  Pak’s Banner means business and is no milksop.  He’s very definitely the comic book super-science mega brain that he should be, with sci-fi devices designed to let him get by just fine in fisticuffs against Class-100 types.  I really enjoyed the interaction between Banner and Reed Richards as well, along with his reasons for hanging out with Skaa, and am definitely going to stick around to see where this book goes.  I especially loved the final page and seeing just who it is that Banner is planning to pit Skaar against.

  2. This was actually quite good.  How refreshing to have a readable Hulk book again!

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