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  1. First issue of this was really good, now we can finally see the Assault happen.

    Not to thrilled with the AoA back up though. The last one was almost unreadable.

  2. This is my jumping on point since inc. hulk turned into this title.  looking forward to reading it.

  3. I jumped on with the one shot at the beginning of the month… can’t say I was impressed, but I already pre-ordered this issue, so oh well.  Maybe I’ll like it better now that I know what to expect.

  4. I admit, I’m not inspired by having a bunch of overexposed characters foisted onto this book, nor was I that much inspired by the one-shot. We’ll see how this goes. 

    @slockhart I actually didn’t think Assault on New Olympus was that great an example of the series. Felt very dull and lifeless. Also, many people are expecting Deadpool-level comedy from this book which isn’t true. It’s humorous but it’s also well crafted and well researched writing.

  5. Soild issue all around. Art by Buchemi was a bit off, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

    I’m loving this idea that Cho might become the new Hercules. That would be huge of Pak/Lente were able to do it. Plus I love the Mighty Avengers in this and the Greek Mythology used. There was a shit load of the latter within this.

  6. Hmmm, maybe it’s just not for me.  At least unlike other books I’ve tried and decided not to keep buying, I can at least see why people would like this.

  7. I’m apparently not a fan of this storyline. It felt like a chore to read it, a little wordy and slightly off-pace. The art was blah, but got the job done. 3/5 for me. My renewed enthusiasm for this title is fading fast. Not good.

  8. @Prax: You said that before but you still stuck with it!

    On second read, the art is still a little iffy and I do agree it’s kinda wordy. But I’m still enjoying it very much so. Pak/Lente keeps updating greek mythology brilliantly and they do have a great take on the Mighty Avengers. Pym, Quicksliver, and USAgent were great to read in this.

    Hopefully the art gets better next issue.

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