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  1. 10 bucks says namor punches him in the nuts

  2. @minithin    -Gentleman’s wager and I’ll take that bet.

  3. @RoiVampire I think a bet over whether or not someone will be punched in the nuts is the dictionary definition of "Gentleman’s Wager".

  4. @everyone: I bet you all the money I have, and a mint condition Spider-Man #1 that Herc getting punched in the *Whistles* will be a high probabilty.

    Let’s hope I win that contest ifanboy is sponsering so I can keep that wager in check.

  5. @everyone I’m betting against nut punching, for the sake of keeping this interesting. How about, if I win, you guys have to buy a comic of my choosing next week, and you win, I have to buy a comic of your choosing. Anyone up for it? (Offer aplies only to the above, as I ain’t made of money)

  6. @NealAppeal I’m down sir, report back here tomorrow to find out who is correct

  7. Why does the "Prince of Power" wear a mini-skirt?

  8. @zenman: His long skirt really got in the way when he was kicking.

  9. Well either Herc is a scotsman and not from greece.

    Or that’s his surprise attack to stun his enemies when he jumps in the air. 😉

  10. @NextChampion

    As to your first point: the Greeks wore some skirts in their time. As to your second point: yes! That is what should be!

  11. This was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Great issue, you need to pick this up even if you didnt pull it.

    I think a new word has replaced EEEEPA!!! for a sound effect: CRAKKAJAMMA!!!!!

  12. @Next yeah, that was the best.

    Also, herc was not punched in the nuts, so I get to pick one of Roi’s book’s next week. Ha! 

  13. i love the part where herc gives cho the thumbs up sign  …  go for it!!!!

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