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  1. …Wait, is this really coming out?

  2. i think I’m dropping…. not sure though

  3. Can’t wait and it’s good to see it’s back on schedule. My most anticipated book.

  4. Good to see this back on track!

  5. @OttoBot – I am surprised as well. Didn’t #4 comeout a few weeks ago?


  6. This week keeps getting better and better

  7. awesome cover

  8. @edward

    Yeah it is.


  9. I know nobody on the show really don’t care for this book, but I’m really loving it.  I loved Sleeper and this book reminds quite a bit of the feel in Sleeper.

  10. um… thanks

  11. Wow, that was fast.

  12. what are people talking about? the last issue was a month ago

  13. Wow, I really sounded like a hick on my last post.  *really ‘doesn’t’ care for this book

  14. Is this the last issue? Kinda want Criminal back already.

  15. @winthewonderboy Check out the Marvel solicits for September.  The next installment of Criminal is coming out.  I think this series runs to 6

  16. I think it was supposed to be five issues originally but got extended to six.  The big deal about this issue coming out so fast is that usually these have been coming out a month and a half to two months later, so it’s nice to see this one come out on time.

  17. Even though this is better than most other comics on the racks, it’s still not on the super-high-steroid-induced level that Criminal was … I miss Criminal. *sniff*

  18. I love Incognito and Criminal so much. Does anyone else feel his Captain America and Daredevil have slipped of late?

  19. So, that was fucked up. I like how this is the opposite of Sleeper.

     And I love Ava Destruction. Can’t wait for issue 6 and Sleeper S2 (I love Miss Misery as well).

  20. I will finish off this arc, but if this series comes back after Criminal I will not be on board. I just finished reading Lawless last week and I absolutely loved how it seamlessly progressed from one plot point to the next, touching on the characters backstory as the story progressed, which may be one of the reasons its so hard for me to read this book. Zack acts like a character out of Criminal, and the rest of the world does not interact well with his character. Halfway through the book we are clumsily given an origin story out of left field from a character who does not feel real. I’m fine with super heroics in other books as well as this noir atmosphere, but Brubaker did not execute the story well in this issue or the last. The plot and reveal of this issue were letdowns, and left me completely uninterested in the conclusion that so many other people seem so excited for.

  21. I find myself enjoying this mini more and more with each issue.

  22. Has anyone watched the Angel of Death film Brubaker did? How is it?

  23. Angel of Death < Incognito < Bru’s Cap and Daredevil < Criminal, but it was still fun.  I need to rewatch it to see if it holds up.

    I think this gets better and better with each issue.  The balance between Zach’s noiry inner-conflict and wacky pulp stuff is maintained as each is respectively given more and more presence.

  24. Angel of Death was fun in it’s episodic way. I’m curious to see if it holds up well as a feature film.

  25. Good issue.  Hard to believe it ends next issue, seems like there’s still a lot of ground to cover.


    I didn’t know that. I’ve enjoyed this comic a great deal and didn’t realise it was a short run.

    Is there something diffrent about the art in this issue, though? 

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