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  1. This’ll probably be the only one of these I’ll buy.

  2. Fat Cobra LOL!!

  3. I might wait for the trade on these one-shots.  I’m sure they will be good, but trying to cut down on my pull list.

  4. Could there be any more pencils?

  5. This looks cool. Will probably get this in some form.

  6. I think Jason Aaron could really deliver on this.  We’ll see though.  I wasn’t too excited about the preview in the final Iron Fist book.

  7. I love me some Jason Aaron, but I was a satisfied customer with Duane S. on teh Iron Fist series. Oh well…

  8. Just getting this for Aaron. Never read any Iron Fist before.

  9. Overkill on the pencilers!  Do they all get a page each?  Whatever to keep on time I guess…

  10. If the preview, and past Iron Fist issues, are any indication, then each person is doing a different flashback sequence in the life of Fat Cobra.

  11. very excited about this series. Anything Iron Fist is worth reading since the re-boot and this is no exception. I just hope the series proper will continue on after this is done.

  12. I was really digging duane S’s stuff on Iron Fist. Hope Aaron keeps it up.

  13. @har13quin-You’re in luck!  It was already stated in an interview by DS (I can’t spell his damn name) that the series will continue after this mini is over.

  14. Wow. That was probably the single greatest issue I’ve read so far in 2009. And to those complaining about the number of pencilers… it works.

  15. This issue was awesome!

  16. Holy ball sack, that was a great issue.

  17. The combination of Jason Aaron writing and a fantastic character like Fat Cobra, this thing couldn’t miss for me.  And the co-feature (sorry, backup story) was nice as well.  I’m curious how the rest of these will be with other creators and less well defined immortal weapons.

  18. I had my reservations about this comic, even though it’s Jason Aaron. And boy…was I wrong! Great stuff in here! My favorite was the Michael Lark section. Beautiful and fun and funny!

  19. this came close to POW it was excellent. I thought the previews gave away too much sory but it actually didn’t. A great little yarn and im looking forward to the iron fist backup story next month.

  20. Loved it.  Who would have thought that when I read fewer and fewer cape comics that the Iron Fist & company would become my favorite super-heroes. 

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