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  1. I’m excited to see the end to this, but it really hasn’t grabbed me as the earlier stories did.  The art is just not doing it for me.  I might drop this title soon, which makes me cry.

  2. I feel you pain, I miss Brubaker and Fraction. But hay, at lest Swierczynski is doing a better job on this, then his run on Cable.

    Still, I wish Team Bru-action (trade marked) was still writing it. 

  3. Yeah, Swiercynski hasn’t missed a step IMO.  It feels like the same team writing it.  I dropped Cable after the first arc, so glad this one is better.  I really think its just the art that is pushing me away.

  4. This is going better then I thought it would. I just wish there was a different artist on the book.

  5. Swiercynski is really staying true to the format (and quality) laid out by Brubaker and Fraction especially the flashbacks and their art…so good.  

  6. What odd, is that Travel Foreman worked on the Ares min, and the art was pretty good on that. Either he is useing a different style or it could be colorist Matt Milla

  7. It was a very good ending to the arc, but the art brings my total score down.  It really is hurting the series way too much

  8. Good story.  I’m interested in the direction that Danny is heading in from the stand point of embarking on a journey that takes him out of the picture for perhaps a year.  Does this mean that he’s off the Avengers and books like DD, or that this story will just be set outside of the larger Marvel continuity?  I kind of hope it’s outside of continuity because I like seeing Iron Fist in other books on a regular basis.

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