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With issue #20 comes the conclusion of Swierczynski’s first arc for the
Immortal Weapon of K’un-Lun. It was a pretty good start, all things
considered. I’d imagine being the first writer to work under Brubaker
and Fraction’s revitalization of the character and his mythos was a
daunting challenge, but Duane – because I can’t be bothered to write
out his last name any more than I have to – managed to continue
expanding the legacy and legend of the Iron Fist while not trying to
copy Bru and Fract’s styles. (And if he did, he did so fairly subtly,
and that’s also admirable.)

If there is one complaint that I have about this past run, it’s the
art. I know it’s hard to perform when David Aja was your opening act,
but this Foreman guy is just god-awful. The past issues have been
tolerable, but besides the one page of Danny and Misty in the café,
this issue – the big conclusion for this team’s debut arc – was just
plain terrible. I have to imagine it is a matter of laziness, because
no one should have a professional style that is this lacking in detail.
However, he does have the occasional outburst of pointless
meticulousness, but it’s more than often all concentrated into a
character’s face, making said character look ten, twenty years older.
And don’t get me started on those arm muscles; I think Luke Cage has a
tumor all across his triceps.

What amplified Foreman’s slop is the first four pages of this issue,
which were done by Russ Heath. I’ve never heard of this guy, but he
sure does take me back to a better time, the good ol’ days of Aja.
Perhaps this was the point, since he was only assigned to draw a
flashback scene of the Thunderer slicing up the Ch’i-Lin, a.k.a. the
Egg Eating Lizard Dude. Other than a few awkward sword grips, his art
leaves the reader much more satisfied than Foreman and his BLAAARGHHH
ever could.

So, that’s really all I have to say about this issue. I know I didn’t
mention much about the story itself, but it ends well – Danny proving
that he is awesome, a preview of mystical adventures, the likely reason
why Danny is not on the cover of the next New Avengers – and I’d prefer
those who are interested in Iron Fist to read it for themselves, even
if that means braving through Foreman’s doodles.

It pains me to give this a three out of five, but a good story is easily hindered by bad art.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average

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